Here lies, the web’s first trustless exchange company
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1 min readMar 10, 2021

-- was one of the web’s first decentralized, trustless exchange companies.

We operated an Ethereum based, first-generation decentralized exchange, as well as an EOS based decentralized exchange, wallet, and account creator.

We came to be on the 30th of July, 2017, when our ETH smart contract was deployed. Gas cost 1 gwei, 1 ETH was $200, and life seemed just a little bit simpler.

Over four years, we’re proud to have hosted over 700k trustless transactions

If you had funds deposited in the smart contract (0x1ce7ae555139c5ef5a57cc8d814a867ee6ee33d8), they’re exactly where you left them.

Our community built a withdrawal tool for funds locked in our smart contract, which you can find at

Over $1.4m in ETH and countless ERC20 tokens are still locked in our exchange contract, and will be forevermore. We have no way of touching these funds, as is appropriate for a truly decentralized enterprise.

Onwards and upwards!


-- builds and operates trustless exchanges in multiple blockchain ecosystems. Established 2017.