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National Bitcoin Framework [Hybrid Reserve Currencies]

People’s Monopoly on Money and Right of Nations for Self-Bitcoinization


Like a century ago, the world order is changing dramatically. More than ever before, international oligopolies threaten the sovereignty of every country on the planet. For governments to retain power, they need to enter the multidimensional space of hybrid monetary solutions in time.

The original Bitcoin failed to offer an alternative to the central bank oligopoly associated with the Federal Reserve. Bitcoin was expected to fulfill the role of peer-to-peer electronic cash, but it turned into yet another speculative asset. The proposed system would decentralize money beyond protocol. Regional walls would prevent the growth of a global oligopoly on the new Bitcoin.

In recent decades, the free market has been gradually supplanted by financial speculation. National Bitcoin offers appropriate mechanisms to separate consumer money from investment schemes and serve as a fair and convenient tool for the exchange of goods and services.


  1. The decline of U.S. hegemony is leading to the division of the world into zones of influence. The dollar will soon have full-fledged competitors. Anticipating the inevitable, divide the world into complementary territories.
  2. Launch Bitcoin-type networks — National Bitcoins. One for each territory. Use the time-tested Bitcoin Core protocol. Improve cryptographic persistence and block discovery rewards. Replace the PoW consensus mechanism with PoS.
  3. Distribute ~90% of the coins that will ever exist to as many people as possible according to territorial affiliation. Equal to everyone. Create a people’s monopoly on money and prevent excessive concentration of capital. Avoid biometrics and bureaucracy, use physical Turing tests and indexing through social networks for distribution.
  4. Understand and accept that the source of money is the peoples living in territories they can defend militarily and economically. Promote an appropriate justification for the economic sense of mass distribution of National bitcoins.
  5. Provide tools to encourage trade with National bitcoins and to prevent financial speculation.
  6. When enough people own coins and National bitcoins become real money, encourage the creation of a two-loop monetary system in each territory: national fiat money and National bitcoins.
  7. Show governments that in the current global crisis, hybridising national fiat currency with National Bitcoin opens the door to economic prosperity and regional reserve currencies.


A total of 21 million National bitcoins of each of the eight networks can exist. Of these, 18,347,513 coins are distributed equally among the population of the respective territory.

First Stage of Distribution: Physical Contacts of Users

In the first stage, the accrual and check for single accrual (through a physically conditioned Turing test) is performed by the Darxx application.

The accrual is based on the following formula:

reward(N) = 0.05 * 0.95^N; N∈[0; +∞)

where reward units [reward] = money, i.e. National bitcoins; and N — is the natural ordinal number of a specially counted event, the so-called unique proxxing.

Definition of unique proxxing: In a nutshell, "unique proxying" is the new digital handshake. When one app user is next to another user (up to 10 meters away for a few seconds), the two smartphones interact. If the two devices have never interacted in this way before, each new instance is called a unique proxxing. People don't need to communicate, the phones do the job automatically. Unique proxxing physically confirms that the two users belong to the territory of the corresponding National Bitcoin.

How much can theoretically be obtained in the first stage? The infinite sum converges, in the mathematical sense. In other words, the total amount of accruals tends toward exactly 1.00 National bitcoin at $N$ tending toward plus-infinity. The accrual rate drops with each step, with 80% of the maximum being reached in the first 32 steps.

For example, $reward(1)$, that is accrual for the second proxxing (the count goes from zero), is equal to 0.0475 National Bitcoins. The total is:

32 proxxings = 0.806288515541 National bitcoins total

60 proxxings = 0.953930201 National bitcoins total

70 proxxings = 0.9724163096 National bitcoins total

100 proxxings = 0.9940794708 National bitcoins total

500 proxxings = 0.999999999993 National bitcoins total

⚠️ Warning. The pronounced physical nature of the distribution method is used to extract the most valuable user base at the first stage. Therefore, the procedure has its limitations. It applies to a specific device, not to an account. During the procedure, you cannot change your device, but you can change the SIM card. If your smartphone is lost or broken, start the whole course again, on a new phone. Attempting to manipulate phone farms will result in the loss of your National bitcoins. You do not have to officially reside in the countries you are in to get National Bitcoins. It is sufficient not to attempt to claim a share of the National Bitcoins due to each person more than once.

Transition to Massive Free Propagation of National bitcoins

But everyone can’t get a whole National bitcoin — with a global population of about 8 billion people and eight networks, it would take a total emission pool of 1 billion coins per network, while 21 million is the technical maximum.

So, distribution through the Darxx app can only provide for about 2% of all people. And it is only conducted to reward early adopters. To achieve universal reach, at some point the method of distribution will change.

The growth of the network obeys an exponential function. At some point, the residuals destined for free propagation will begin to shrink particularly sharply. This will be a formal sign of the end of the first mode of distribution.

The transition to the next distribution mode will occur after 20 time periods, each characterised by a 20% increase in the user base.

By this time, the leading social networks in the various pan-regions of the world will have been identified (now, during the war, there is an aggressive redistribution of their influence). The distribution will be done by a unique tool,, which will automatically and randomly distribute funds in a “poste restante” manner.


👉🏼 To determine which territory your country belongs to, do a search for the corresponding ISO symbol in this document.

African Bitcoin

African Bitcoin territory: total population ~1 bil.

Population, mil:

AO Angola 32.9

BF Burkina Faso 20.9

BI Burundi 11.9

BJ Benin 12.1

BW Botswana 2.4

CD Congo-Kinshasa 89.6

CF Central African Republic 4.8

CG Congo 5.5

CI Côte d’Ivoire 26.4

CM Cameroon 26.5

ER Eritrea 6.1

ET Ethiopia 115.0

GA Gabon 2.2

GH Ghana 31.1

GM The Gambia 2.4

GN Guinea 13.1

GO Glorioso Islands (meager population)

GQ Equatorial Guinea 1.4

GW Guinea-Bissau 2.0

JU Juan de Nova Island (meager population)

KE Kenya 53.8

KM Comoros 0.9

LR Liberia 5.1

LS Lesotho 2.1

MG Madagascar 27.7

ML Mali 20.3

MW Malawi 19.1

MZ Mozambique 31.3

NA Namibia 2.5

NE Niger 24.2

NG Nigeria 206.1

RW Rwanda 12.9

SH Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha (meager population)

SL Sierra Leone 8.0

SN Senegal 16.7

SS South Sudan 11.2

ST São Tomé and Príncipe 0.2

SZ Eswatini 1.2

TD Chad 16.4

TG Togo 8.3

TZ Tanzania 59.7

UG Uganda 45.7

YT Mayotte 0.3

ZA South Africa 59.3

ZM Zambia 19.3

ZW Zimbabwe 14.9

American Bitcoin

American Bitcoin territory: total population ~370 mil.

Population, mil:

CA Canada 38.6

GL Greenland (meager population)

US United States of America 331.9

Chinese Bitcoin

Chinese Bitcoin territory: total population ~1.5 bil.

Population, mil:

CN China 1402.0

HK Hong Kong 7.5

KP North Korea 25.8

MO Macao 0.6

TW Taiwan 23.6

European Bitcoin

European Bitcoin territory: total population ~500 mil.

Population, mil:

AD Andorra 0.1

AL Albania 2.8

AT Austria 8.9

BA Bosnia and Herzegovina 3.3

BE Belgium 11.6

CH Switzerland 8.6

CV Cape Verde 0.6

CZ Czechia 10.7

DE Germany 83.2

DK Denmark 5.8

ES Spain 47.4

FO Faroe Islands (meager population)

FR France 67.4

GB United Kingdom 67.2

GG Guernsey (meager population)

GI Gibraltar (meager population)

HR Croatia 4.0

IE Ireland 5.0

IM Isle of Man 0.1

IS Iceland 0.4

IT Italy 59.6

JE Jersey 0.1

LI Liechtenstein (meager population)

LT Lithuania 2.8

LU Luxembourg 0.6

MC Monaco (meager population)

ME Montenegro 0.6

MT Malta 0.5

NL Netherlands 17.4

PL Poland 37.9

PT Portugal 10.3

SI Slovenia 2.1

SM San Marino (meager population)

VA Vatican City (meager population)

Indo-Pacific Bitcoin

This map does not show the following islands in the Pacific Ocean that do belong to the Indo-Pacific Bitcoin territory: UM-DQ, PN, PM, PF, CK, KI.

Indo-Pacific Bitcoin territory: total population ~2.5 bil.

Population, mil:

AS American Samoa (meager population)

AU Australia 25.7

BD Bangladesh 164.7

BN Brunei 0.4

BT Bhutan 0.8

BV Bouvet Island (meager population)

CC Cocos Islands (meager population)

CK Cook Islands (meager population)

CX Christmas Island (meager population)

FJ Fiji 0.9

FM Micronesia 0.1

GU Guam 0.2

HM Heard Island and McDonald Islands (meager population)

ID Indonesia 273.5

IN India 1380

IO British Indian Ocean Territory (meager population)

JP Japan 125.8

KH Cambodia 16.7

KI Kiribati 0.1

KR South Korea 51.8

LA Laos 7.3

LK Sri Lanka 21.9

MH Marshall Islands 0.1

MM Myanmar 54.4

MP Northern Mariana Islands 0.1

MU Mauritius 1.3

MV Maldives 0.5

MY Malaysia 32.4

NC New Caledonia 0.3

NP Nepal 29.1

NR Nauru (meager population)

NU Niue (meager population)

NZ New Zealand 5.1

PF French Polynesia 0.3

PG Papua New Guinea 8.9

PH Philippines 109.6

PM Saint Pierre and Miquelon (meager population)

PN Pitcairn Islands (meager population)

PW Palau (meager population)

RE Reunion 0.9

SB Solomon Islands 0.7

SC Seychelles 0.1

SG Singapore 5.7

TF French Southern Territories (meager population)

TH Thailand 69.8 TK Tokelau (meager population)

TL Timor-Leste 1.3

TO Tonga 0.1

TV Tuvalu (meager population)

UM The United States Minor Outlying Islands (meager population)

VN Vietnam 97.3

VU Vanuatu 0.3

WF Wallis and Futuna (meager population)

WS Samoa 0.2

Latin Bitcoin

Latin Bitcoin territory: total population ~650 mil.

Population, mil:

AG Antigua and Barbuda 0.1

AI Anguilla (meager population)

AR Argentina 45.4

AW Aruba 0.1

BB Barbados 0.3

BL Saint Barthélemy (meager population)

BM Bermuda 0.1

BO Bolivia 11.7

BQ Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba (meager population)

BR Brazil 212.6

BS The Bahamas 0.4

BZ Belize 0.4

CL Chile 19.1

CO Colombia 50.9

CR Costa Rica 5.1

CU Cuba 11.3

CW Curaçao 0.2

DM Dominica 0.1

DO The Dominican Republic 10.9

EC Ecuador 17.6

FK Falkland Islands (meager population)

GD Grenada 0.1

GF French Guiana 0.3

GP Guadeloupe 0.4

GS South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (meager population)

GT Guatemala 16.7

GY Guyana 0.8

HN Honduras 9.9

HT Haiti 11.4

JM Jamaica 3.0

KN Saint Kitts and Nevis 0.1

KY Cayman Islands 0.1

LC Saint Lucia 0.2

MF Saint Martin (meager population)

MQ Martinique 0.4

MS Montserrat (meager population)

MX Mexico 128.9

NI Nicaragua 6.6

PA Panama 4.3

PE Peru 33.0

PR Puerto Rico 3.2

PY Paraguay 7.1

SR Suriname 0.6

SV El Salvador 6.5

SX Sint Maarten (meager population)

TC Turks and Caicos Islands (meager population)

TT Trinidad and Tobago 1.4

UY Uruguay 3.5

VC Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 0.1

VE Venezuela 28.4

VG British Virgin Islands (meager population)

VI U.S. Virgin Islands 0.1

M.E.N.A. Bitcoin

M.E.N.A. Bitcoin territory: total population ~850 mil.

Population, mil:

AE United Arab Emirates 9.9

AF Afghanistan 38.9

BH Bahrain 1.7

CY Cyprus 1.2

DJ Djibouti 1.0

DZ Algeria 2.4

EG Egypt 102.3

EH Western Sahara (meager population)

IL Israel 9.2

IQ Iraq 40.2

IR Iran 84.0

JO Jordan 10.2

KW Kuwait 4.3

LB Lebanon 6.8

LY Libya 6.9

MA Morocco 36.9

MR Mauritania 4.6

OM Oman 5.1

PK Pakistan 220.9

PS Palestine 4.8

QA Qatar 2.9

SA Saudi Arabia 34.8

SD Sudan 43.8

SO Somalia 15.9

SY Syria 17.5

TJ Tajikistan 9.5

TM Turkmenistan 6.0

TN Tunisia 11.8

TR Türkiye 84.3

YE Yemen 29.8

Russian Bitcoin

Russian Bitcoin territory: total population ~370 mil.

Population, mil:

AM Armenia 3.0

AZ Azerbaijan 10.1

BG Bulgaria 7.0

BY Belarus 9.5

EE Estonia 1.3

FI+AX Finland (including Region of Åland) 5.5

GE Georgia (plus Abkhazia and South Ossetia) 3.7

GR Greece 10.7

HU Hungary 9.9

KG Kyrgyzstan 6.4

KZ Kazakhstan 18.7

LV Latvia 1.9

MD Moldova (plus Transnistria) 3.6

MK North Macedonia 2.1

MN Mongolia 3.3

NO+SJ Norway (including Svalbard) 5.4

RO Romania 19.4

RS+XK Serbia (plus Kosovo) 9.0

RU Russia 146.7

SE Sweden 10.3

SK Slovakia 5.5

UA Ukraine 41.7

UZ Uzbekistan 34.0



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