Security Tokens and the New Capital Market: Live Resource Library

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For those new to the subject:

  1. Soon, the securitization of small businesses and fractionalization of real assets will take a legitimate form. Things will never be as they used to be; the climate is changing, not the weather. Once set loose, the mutation won’t stop because financial tokens have a wide avenue open to proceed to dynamically programmable investor relations and feed yet another AI giant.
  2. Even if the transition from legacy to blockchain-recorded (tokenized) assets dies, the limited period when the world will be overloaded with junk security tokens (and broader, financial tokens) is imminent. It’ll take a lot of altruism from business people to self-coordinate themselves. Some serious suffering is unavoidable.
  3. The most important outcome is the birth and adoption of programmable legal entities. The gambling of crypto and the real need for easier securitization and fractionalization played the role of the Trojan horse, introducing much more important innovation.

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