An Interview with Lawrence Lanoff - The power of AI and TokenAI

Welcome back. In this video, we interview Lawrence Lanoff one of the co-founders of TokenAI. Visit for more

Q: Let’s talk about Convergence

Lawrence: TokenAI is incredible in so many different ways. Mainly because of the convergence of technology. Web 3.0, Blockchain Technology, and Artificial Intelligence are coming together, and putting power in the hands of regular everyday people like you and me.

Q: Is the Blockchain really that important?

Lawrence: Blockchain is a disruptive technology. By the time your grandmother figures out how significant Blockchain is, it’s going to be too late. We are inviting people to join us on a journey that will allow all of us to participate in the development of profound technology that will change every aspect of our lives. But the question is, how?

Q: Cryptocurrency is very volatile, is volatility something to worry about?

Lawrence: You have probably have heard this already, right? That Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile, and, in fact, many people use this as the reason why they don’t invest, because of the volatility. But what TokenAI does is help utilize the incredibly power of volatility.

Volatility, if you are not run by your emotions, if you can be cool headed when everybody else is running to the exit, there are vast fortunes to be made.

That’s the beautiful thing about machine learning. Machines can take the emotions out of it. Which means, they have an opportunity to analyze big data to learn, and if you look at a standard chart of a standard week of Cryptocurrency trading, you see these huge rises and huge falls. That volatility is actually the food for TokenAI.

Q: How do emotions play into all of this?

Lawrence: The key to success in trading Cryptocurrencies is being cool under fire. When other people are running for the exits, when other people are screaming like “It’s going to go on forever,” nothing lasts forever, whether it goes up, or whether it goes down.

Humans care about this. We have a terrible time controlling our emotions, but Artificial Intelligence takes the emotion out of it and just sees patterns. It does incredible pattern analysis. And you and me, we get to benefit from that. Machines get smarter with every transaction, and that’s the part that’s so beautiful about it all.

Q: What is TAI and why is it so powerful?

Lawrence: The power of the TAI token, that is the TokenAI, the TAI.

The power of the TAI is it puts the ability to rebalance your portfolio in your hands with the superpower of AI. AI can take vast amounts of data, and turn it into actionable steps that you can use to build your portfolio.

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