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Hidden Portraits NFT Collection

An exclusive NFT Collection by Volker Hermes.


The Hidden Portraits by Volker Hermes are digital interventions of photographs of historical portrait paintings, drawings, or sculptures.

The original image files are all within the public domain and have been sourced from international museums or private collectors.

To maintain the dignity and spirit of the original works nothing external is ever added to the pieces. Hermes only reshapes and replicates elements from the painting itself, taking into account the special characteristics of the painter and painting.

Hidden Portraits Details

Six Unique Properties

  • Each Hidden Portrait has six properties that highlight important characteristics of the piece.

Individual Details

  • Each Hidden Portrait includes a unique story from Hermes about his journey with the work and details about the original painting, including its location IRL.

File Size and Format

  • All files are an average size of ~50MB
  • All original art files are in .jpg format and are stored on the blockchain

  • The Hidden Portraits website is a detailed extension of the Hidden Portraits collection. It provides a way for collectors to visualize the collection as a whole and to discover the various properties, stories, and details about each work.
  • Future functionality may include: allowing collectors to connect their cryptocurrency wallets, view collected portraits, access original .TIF art files via IPFS, and allow the Hidden Portraits team to gift future access.

Why properties on one of one fine art?

What’s unique about NFT art, beyond storing the art on the blockchain, is the unique ability to catalog metadata associated with the piece within the NFT contract. This allows collectors to search, view, and compare individual pieces within the collection.

This information is similar to the printed label that accompanies artworks in a museum, or gallery, detailing the name of the piece, artist, date, and perhaps a description.

In the case of the blockchain, this data resides with the piece and is transferred from collector to collector and readable by every online marketplace and connected device.

As NFT displays and connected devices improve, the ability to showcase this important metadata, along with the visuals, will allow viewers additional information that has been validated since the NFT was first minted on the blockchain.

The Evolution of Hidden Portraits NFT’s

To appreciate what buyers can do with NFT collections, it’s important to understand where we started.

“Web2” refers to websites that allowed for user-generated content, participatory culture (Facebook, Twitter), and interoperability between connected systems.

“Web3” brings a new evolution to the internet, through the blockchain and connected technologies.

We can now connect a hardware or software wallet, purchase goods and services, and collect digital assets such as NFTs. We can then store, share, and trade these assets as we would physical collectibles in both decentralized and centralized marketplaces.

With Web3 capabilities, the Hidden Portraits collection can evolve and grow over time, allowing us to interact and transact with collectors, in a way that was not possible on such a global scale with traditional/physical art.

Security and Precautions

As the NFT space is new, growing, and pushing boundaries at an exponential pace, it’s important to take your time, only interact with official links, and not purchase any pieces that are not from the official Hidden Portraits contracts.

There will be impostors. There will be those who pose as official representatives. Scams have been present since the beginning of time, and today is no different.

  • The only official place to bid, and collect, Hidden Portraits during the initial mint will be on OpenSea
  • We will never send out links on social media saying there’s “an early mint”, “early access”, or any other place to purchase a Hidden Portrait.
  • Nobody from our team will message you for any sensitive information, ever.
  • Do not give anybody your seed phrase, do not share your screen, and do not click links sent to you.
  • If you experience something you believe to be a scam or predatory, reach out to one of our team to let us know, or report in the scam report channel in our discord server.

Connect and Follow

You can connect with our team and Volker Hermes, through a variety of channels:

Hidden Portraits NFT Collection

  • Collcetion Website: Link
  • OpenSea: Link Coming Soon
  • Rarible: Link Coming Soon

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