“Breaking waves: does the crypto world have a future?” (Vladimir Smerkis for Forbes Russia)

Tatiana Gerasimova
Oct 5, 2018 · 8 min read

Vladimir Smerkis, Forbes Contributor

Means of savings or means of payment?

“No-one can devalue bitcoins, nor print new ones, even the government”.

“I often witnessed hyip jumps over the past few years, but I think everything will stabilize, because the ecosystem will grow, mature, and people will begin understanding the true value of Bitcoin”, — said Charlie Lee.

“If people put in a certain amount of effort to produce a cryptocurrency, it does not give it any value — as is the case with mud pies and apple pies. Demand creates utility, and the more efficient and useful a cryptocurrency is, the more people will want to use it”, — Ver explains.

Golden fever

In his opinion, cryptocurrencies will first find demand in developing countries where there is no stable banking system and no strict regulation requirements: “Two-thirds of the population of our planet either have limited access to banking services or do not have it at all. Therefore, in the countries of Latin America, in Africa, we will soon see the beginning of the mass adoption of blockchain. After all, if you have nothing, access to something can finally change your life”.

“Blockchain provides us with a record of what really happened — the truth”.

Estonian laws

African Education

”Hundreds of billions are easily manipulated, but it will be much more difficult to speculate with trillions!”


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