Get up to 750 TBX — New Referral Program

Mark Lee
Mark Lee
Dec 6, 2019 · 3 min read

The Tokenbox platform development is in progress, and we’re happy to announce the latest update. In Q4 2019 we’ve finalised several functions that are necessary for activating the utility features of the TBX token.

But first, we’d like to tell you more about the brand new bonus referral programme.

New Referral Program

All Tokenbox users, both newcomers and those already registered, can collect their major reward in TBX tokens which can be used for setting up and launching their very own cryptocurrency fund in 2020.

New users get 250 TBX for registration, and 500 TBX more for successful verification.

Easy registration process takes 2 minutes only. KYC procedure is also quick and convenient and can be done automatically via Telegram Passport.

➡️ Register now and get up to 750 TBX ⬅️

If already registered, you can get your reward by sharing a referral link, which is available in your account. Get 250 TBX for every user verified via your personal referral link!

Deposit or Withdraw TBX Tokens

As a quick reminder, we’ve recently added a deposit/withdrawal feature for TBX tokens. And if you are a TBX holder, you can enjoy lower trading fees when trading on Tokenbox.

If your wallet contains less than 10,000 TBX — the trading commission is calculated by default, 0.2% for orders of any type.

Less than 10 000: 0.2% fee. 10 000–25 000: 0.18% fee. 25 000–35 000: 0.14% fee. 35 000 or more: 0.10% fee

Buy TBX tokens: 🔅 Hotbit 🔅 YObit 🔅 Bancor

29 Trading Pairs

Our platform now provides 29 trading pairs, each of them enjoying nice liquidity and easy to work with for traders with any capital. New pairs will be added in Q1 2020. We ensure that our clients are trading with the high-quality digital assets only, liquidity and investment attractiveness of which are unquestionable.

Trading Accounts

There’s also a convenient feature of setting several trading accounts for one client, to diversify funds and test various trading strategies. In Q1 2020, we will also add an option of reviewing statistics for all available accounts, while the profitability will be calculated automatically.

➡️ Create a trading account ⬅️

Feel free to direct your questions to the Tokenbox team via Telegram.

We appreciate your trust! Thanks for being with us. ✌️
the Tokenbox team.


Your Entry Point to the World of Crypto Currencies.

Mark Lee

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Mark Lee

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Your Entry Point to the World of Crypto Currencies.

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