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5 min readJul 20, 2020

Whether you’re a professional trader, or a trader who wants to substantially pump skills, or an investor looking for transparent and profitable projects and strategies, Tokenbox portfolio has every solution to fit your needs. Check our precise instruction on how to open the box of benefits!

Come to our side… we have cookies for traders

Well, not exactly cookies, but delicious, ready made box solutions for traders of any professional level, as well as a super convenient and easy to use dashboard. Tokenbox has created a safe and flexible ecosystem for trading and managing digital assets.

Getting started

The registration and portfolio creation has never been easier. To get started and create your new Portfolio, click the Assets tab on your Tokenbox dashboard. Then click the Portfolio tab — here you are! First, give your portfolio a nice name and pick a logo of your choice.

It takes a couple of clicks to set a name for the portfolio and an abbreviation for a token. Keep in mind — you won’t be able to edit these afterwards.

Select a reference currency, in which your portfolio will be calculated.

Commission fees are extremely important when it comes to trading, as they indicate profit and returns. Tokenbox portfolio constructor allows to set fees, both entry and exit, from 1% to 10%, to benefit your trading strategy. An Entry fee indicates a commission that you get when someone buys your tokens. While an Exit Fee is charged when your tokens are sold. These fees are collected automatically and deposited directly to your Tokenbox Wallet, so need to get lost in numerous fees calculations or excel tables!

Tick the box — but also make sure to ACTUALLY read the Terms of Tokenbox Portfolio Service. We know that you usually skip reading, but these are really not that long.

Congrats! You’re all set and good to go. Now it’s time to make your Portfolio work. To make an initial investment and form a starting token price, click Initiate tokens on the Portfolio page and choose an account to transfer your funds from. Based on the amount of your first investment, the starting price of your token is set.

After you start trading, the value of the token will depend on the efficiency of your portfolio management.

We recommend that you make the first purchase so that the value of 1 token is at least 1 USD or 0.01 ETH.

Happy trading!

More great features

The Wallet is very important for safe trading, and Tokenbox development team has taken good care of it. The Wallet allows to instantly buy tokens, sell them, exchange them, and safely store digital assets, without having to allocate them on a third party wallet. Your portfolio tokens are stored in your Wallet or in your Trading Account from which you bought them.

Apart from the Wallet and easy to use yet sophisticated portfolio management service, Tokenbox generally sets a whole “cookie party” which you wouldn’t want to leave: a Trading Terminal, and an option of having multiple Trading Accounts for different trading strategies.

Buying and selling tokens

If you’d like to invest in a project and buy new tokens you can easily check a token performance — sorted by week, by month, or check the all time efficiency.

Check a project’s strategy — make sure it’s good enough! — and buy tokens.

Now, if you need to sell tokens, you can do it from both trading accounts, and from your wallet. Option two — sell them right on the Marketplace.

Trading Terminal

The Trading Terminal allows to manage assets in a Portfolio in the most convenient way.

Click the Trading Terminal button, and activate an account to process trades. Now you can exchange assets in your own Portfolio — for example, ETH and BTC.


A good manager always controls Portfolio performance.

Now let’s have a quick look at what you should do once a token holder decides to EXIT — or sell your tokens. To check if there are any exit requests — just go to the Exit tab.

Once you receive a request, you have 20 hours to rebalance your portfolio and reimburse the funds. Click Process Now, otherwise Tokenbox will do it for you — automatically.

Payment for sold tokens goes directly to the trading account, or Wallet, from which the tokens were sold.Transparent strategies for investors

Finding and following a successful trading strategy can be quite challenging these days. Daily trading routine can be hard to track, but Tokenbox has a good solution for investors and passive traders.

All statistics of portfolios performance is completely transparent and comfortably rated.

Just choose a portfolio that you like and follow a trader who impressed you. Or buy a fraction of this trader’s portfolio and — check the previous chapter! — let the trader earn great returns for you.

Tokenbox has already taken care of the rest: the platform is 100% safe and secure, and even investor’s funds that a trader is using are safe and can’t be withdrawn by him by default. Investing in other people’s great work is now as easy as opening a cookie jar. A big, beautiful, clear, transparent jar.

TBX for all, on us

Last, but not the least — Tokenbox supports traders and offers great loyalty rewards based on TBX tokens usage.

Platform’s own TBX token is a “digital license” for the service operation. In order to activate a public portfolio, a trader needs to maintain at least 1% of TBX in Wallet.

Therefore, TBX holding gives a lucrative 50% discount for any trading commission.

Told you, cookies are great.

Launch your portfolio now

Tutorial: How portfolio management works at

If you have any questions, feel free to join us on our social pages or message us at Thank you for your trust and loyalty to the project!

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