How to work with Portfolios on Tokenbox (explained)

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4 min readSep 11, 2020


Tokenbox portfolios are the most convenient option when it comes to trusting digital assets to a professional manager.

So, what is a portfolio? Technically, it is a pie investment fund, where a pie is represented by a token. Its price is only affected by the efficiency of the portfolio management.

Buying tokens, one can invest and get profit, and sell tokens by withdrawing funds.

Before you get to choose a portfolio to work with, make sure to read the Terms of portfolio Service, to find out how exactly it operates and which benefits it offers to an investor.

Getting started and sorting

So, where do Tokenbox portfolios live? At a Marketplace. To enter it, just click the “portfolios” button on the left of your Dashboard. You’ll see a full list of active portfolios.

Every portfolio has a reference currency in which the portfolio income is indicated: US Dollar, Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Performance can also be sorted by day, week, or month, or shown as a lifetime performance.

Another important indicators are Maximum Drawdown, and Entry and Exit Fees.

Follow the green tick

Click on a portfolio of your choice and check if it has a green tick. It means that the manager has been interviewed, approved and verified by the Tokenbox team. A yellow chart demonstrates price fluctuations.

Below, you can find an important description of a strategy that the manager sticks to. This strategy was also approved by the team.

Here’s another tip: check as many portfolios as you can, and pay attention to their performance rates and which assets are inside.

Buying tokens

Once you’ve made your choice, you’re ready to buy some tokens. This can be easily done either on the portfolio’s front page, or right from the marketplace — see that BUY TOKENS button? Click it, and buy tokens for a currency of your choice.

If you don’t yet have any crypto assets in your Tokenbox wallet, see below how you can make a deposit.

Deposit funds

On My assets tab on the left side of your Dashboard, there is a tab called Wallet. Tap it, and you’ll see a list of digital assets that are supported on the platform. To make a deposit, choose a currency you would like to put in. For example, Bitcoin. A wallet address where you can transfer your Bitcoin funds to will appear.

There’s also a convenient option to deposit funds to the platform using your bank card. For this, Tokenbox uses a secure provider that safely stores all users’ data.

To double check your deposit, go to the History tab. All deposits are recorded and available to check here.

Back to buying tokens

Now let’s see how you can spend deposited funds on tokens. Choose a portfolio. Choose an account you would like to buy from. Choose a currency and see how much would one token cost. Fees are already included in your purchase.

Just one click — here you go!

The tokens you just bought are now available in your Wallet.

To be on a safe side and make sure all transfers are transparent and tokens are stored in the right place, check your History. Here you can see how many tokens you bought, how big was the manager’s commission, and how much did you spend.

Selling tokens

If you decide to sell tokens, again just use your Wallet. Or go right to the Marketplace and find the portfolio which tokens you need to sell and choose SELL TOKENS.

Even though the tokens can be purchased for any currency of your choice, the refund is made only in the portfolio’s reference currency.

After you click SELL TOKENS, the manager will address your request, and rebalance the portfolio within 20 hours. If it doesn’t happen, the platform will make a repayment automatically. You can also check if it happened in your transactions history, and see that the reimbursed funds appear in the Wallet straight away.

Now go ahead, get yourself some tokens and try effortless trading on Tokenbox. See you there!

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