Important Message: The Migration of TBX Tokens is Now Complete

The Tokenbox team thanks you for participating in the Token Generation Event and trusting the Tokenbox project.

We are pleased to announce that the process of TBX tokens migration is successfully completed. The smart-contract gave out the tokens at the Ethereum chain block № 4669546

All our tokens holders balances now consist of the new TBX tokens.

In order to check your balance — please follow these instructions:

Method 1

1. Login to MyEtherWallet with ETH address on which TBX tokens are stored.

2. Click “Add Custom Token”

3. Enter Token Contract Address: 0x3A92bD396aEf82af98EbC0Aa9030D25a23B11C6b

4. Enter Token Symbol: TBX

5. Enter Decimals: 18

6. Click “Save”

Method 2

Just use or and check your ETH address with TBX tokens there.

If you are using, you will see soon that TBX tokens have Tokenbox name and logo on them.

We remind you that TBX tokens that were distributed during the TGE are not valid anymore. Please remember that those “old” tokens are now of no value and have no function.

If you have any questions regarding the migration of tokens process, feel free to contact our support service via email: or using the official Tokenbox Telegram chat: @Tokenbox


The Tokenbox Team.