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TBX Investment Farming Launched!

Hello, Tokenboxers!

It is always a pleasure to be rewarded for your actions! Whether it’s a cashback or a referral program.

We decided to take the best of both models!

Now each purchase of tokens of any Portfolio will be awarded a 5% reward in the form of TBX tokens. This can be described as a “Investment Farming” — you can benefit from the performance of the chosen Portfolio and at the same time enjoy a cashback in TBX tokens!

Simply buy tokens of any Portfolio from the and TBX will be instantly credited to your account! By the way, Portfolio managers can’t be awarded for investments into their own Portfolios.

Moreover, you can also earn from investments of your friends and community! We are glad to present you our new referral program that will start on November 10 !

All you need is to register on Tokenbox and go to the Refer-a-friend section. Get and share your referral link via social networks. Earn TBX tokens — you will receive TBX tokens for each investment to Portfolios that your friend will make. Right, 1% in form of TBX tokens for you and 5% for your friend! The only limit is that one participant can’t earn more than 20 000 TBX per month.

Save up your TBX tokens to get a discount on trading fees or use them to create a Portfolio to earn more as a Portfolio manager!



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