Tokenbox Launches Alpha Version of the Platform and Joins Hotbit Exchange

We are very excited to share awesome news with our community. Give it up to the Alpha version of our crypto assets management platform!

First users are welcome to test the basic features of the platform. Working functionality now includes a user registration, a verification procedure (KYC), as well as a referral bonus programme. Those who register will be the first to know about the development process, about how fast the platform is evolving. The users can also test the new features as they are added to the service range.

Undergoing the verification procedure at this stage might save you a lot of time, so that you won’t have to do it all over again after the platform is officially launched, and start using it right away. Also, this will help our analytics team to know the geographic scale of future traders and consider it when improving the platform’s services.

“Refer a friend” bonus programme, which is also available on Tokenbox effective today, lets every registered and verified user to invite up to 10 friends by sharing a referral link. There is a 2 TBX bonus for a user’s own verification, and 2 TBX more for every verified friend. TBX tokens can be used after the platforms is launched and a multicurrency wallet is added to the Tokenbox features list. And guess what, even more bonus programmes are coming in the next few months!

Oh wait, there’s more

Another exciting news is that Tokenbox listing on Hotbit exchange is set for June 5th. TBX utility tokens are currently available for purchasing at Yobit, Bancor Network and IDEX exchange.

Now they are added to Hotbit, one of the most rapidly developing marketplaces in the crypto industry, which trading volumes have already increased during the first half of 2018. The Hotbit team is international, with specialists from Singapore, Taiwan and US, and the exchange operates within the jurisdiction of Estonia, EU. Hotbit was the first exchange to list such famous tokens as NEXO and HOLO. Tokenbox and Hotbit are down to a long-term collaboration, and both teams seriously consider launching a competition programme anytime soon.

Enjoy TBX on Hotbit!

Pavel Salas, Tokenbox CEO:
“We are very excited to invite the first Tokenbox users to register on the platform and start our journey together. My team has been working very hard during the last six months, and we hope to receive as much feedback from our users and clients as possible.
Developers, analytics, lawyers, marketing and media experts — we’re just getting started! The grand release is just around the corner, and we’ll keep the community updated about more features, listings and partnerships that we are preparing at the moment. Up until the end of 2018 the platform will be fully competitive and operational, so stay tuned!”

Make sure to follow our updates for more exciting news, and, guys, we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback!

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