Tokenbox Q1 Report

Hey guys! Sharing plans and news with our community is very important for Tokenbox. We took some time off air, making final touches after the TGE and shaping the team. We’re back! And very excited to share some highlights of what we have done since the beginning of 2018 and what our team is up in the next few months. Let’s go!


Pavel Salas, former regional director for eToro social trading network, joined Tokenbox team as CEO. We sat down with him to talk about what our team is up to and when the product would be ready to use. Already interested? Hop on! INTERVIEW


  • We took some time to reshape and empower the executive team. CEO Pavel Salas joined Tokenbox in February. Alex Bashlikov, our former CTO from the Zerion team, became an adviser to the project, while Maxim Lukutin was appointed as a new CTO and also we hired a new CMO.
  • Our IT team has been strengthened with 2 developers, 1 devops and 1 ux/ui designer
  • We established a sustainable talent pipeline and improved employer visibility

Q1 metrics:

  • Headcount: 18 // Headcount filling: 78%
  • Gender diversity: 28% female, 72% male
  • Headcount distribution by function:
  • Product development — 4
  • Product design — 2
  • Internal support & People — 2
  • Marketing & PR — 3
  • Executive — 3
  • Technical support — 2
  • Business development — 1
  • Fund management — 1


  • The team commenced the infrastructure work
  • CTO Max confirmed the founders’ decision to make a module for funds’ tokenization identical to those of The Token Fund
  • The first step of creating the product website and the platform is almost completed
  • Task planning (road map) for the design team in accordance to the dev team’s roadmap — check!
  • Information architecture and UX logic of the platform as a whole and its individual subsystems / modules completed — check!
  • Design and testing of the registration, authorization, user account recovery systems, part of the KYC system — check!
  • Design prototyping of the Dashboard system, the Wallet system, including the Exchange Functionality, the new Homepage and its modules, future components for the new Tokenbox website — also check!


Tokenbox has conducted legal review of crypto friendly jurisdictions to set up its subsidiaries. Also, given the increase in pressure from regulators, Tokenbox searches for potential solutions for broker and asset management activities in the crypto currency field and conducts consultations with leading companies in the world. Our task is to comply with existing laws and help regulators with drafting of laws and regulations that balance the development of new technologies.

On March 28, 2018 Tokenbox established a company in Gibraltar, Quadrat Enterprises Limited (Company Number 117159). Quadrat Enterprises Limited plans to apply for DLT license in the 2nd quarter of 2018, and expect to receive this license by the end of 2018.

Great news — we are going to be one of the first to get an official license for a crypto company in Gibraltar.

TBX token was listed on Bancor network and Yobit Exchange


Lately Tokenbox speakers have attended some blockchain conferences and shared our vision on future of cryptocurrencies — check out our posts! And we are very excited to announce that our co-founder and managing partner Vladimir Smerkis will be a part of Armenian Blockchain Forum, which will take place in the beautiful city of Erevan on April 22nd. Also, Tokenbox CEO Pavel Salas is going to rock the CHAINGES in May in Amsterdam and represent our project on one of the most exciting and fun community gatherings. Follow our FACEBOOK page and stay tuned — we will give away two free tickets to CHAINGES conference VERY SOON!

Our respected in-house experts — Vladimir Smerkis, Viktor Shpakovsky, Pavel Salas, Igor Doganov — were quoted massively during the Q1 2018.

Q2 plans

As it’s getting warmer and the summer is really close, we’re very ready for the Q2. Tokenbox main goals for the upcoming quarter of 2018 are:

  • To release our new Roadmap at the end of April
  • To set up presence in Estonia in the second quarter of 2018 and obtain licenses to provide exchange and custodians services related to the cryptocurrencies
  • Design&release the Bonus/Referral system, the Dashboard, KYC, and Wallet, the Exchange module included
  • To fully staff the Token Team, so we’re hiring now! If you are a full stack developer, a front-end or back-end developer — don’t hesitate and send you CV and portfolio to

Thanks for your trust, and thanks for being with us! Tokenbox team is working hard to deliver you the best experience in cryptocurrencies trading and management. We have so many exciting things ahead, so stay tuned! XOXO

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