Tokenbox reveals latest Roadmap for 2018

Tokenbox ecosystem is advancing in a very rapid pace.

After shaping and growing the team of blockchain and FinTech oriented professionals, after conducting a deep analysis of our users’ requests and the whole market situation, we are pleased to announce that the renewed Tokenbox Roadmap features further steps of creating the platform up until the end of 2018.

The platform will fully meet the expectations of the traders’ community, as well as the cryptofunds’ needs.

As of now, our team is working on the “invisible” part of the platform, its very core. Including the backend and stack development, and the technology of those processes that will move the platform forward.

The timeline that we’re sharing is our minimum plan for this year. The Roadmap will definitely be expanded at some point, as we will be getting feedback from our first users and act accordingly. We really hope that Tokenbox pioneers, those who register and authorize first — will tell us about their experience and help us improve our work. Looking forward to welcoming our first funds and managers and hearing back from them!

And if it’s still not enough — here’s the best person to explain how the process of our platform’s creation is actually going on, Tokenbox Chief Technical Officer Max Lukutin. Check out his interview on our channel!

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