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TOP-3 Portfolios at Platform

Dear friends!

It’s been a few weeks since Tokenbox launched Portfolio Service on our platform. Several managers and traders have already created their Portfolios and today we want to tell you about the most profitable Portfolios available for investment on the Tokenbox. Look at the current TOP-3!

On the Marketplace page investors can see all the portfolios available for investment. By default, portfolios are sorted by profitability for the whole period of their operations — Lifetime Performance. The top portfolios show impressive returns of 21% to 30% in just 4 weeks from the start! WOW!

The leader is Infrastructure Idea portfolio, which focuses on investments in cryptocurrencies of infrastructure projects. These are platforms for smart contracts: Ethereum, COSMOS, QTUM, Algorand, Tezos and others. These fundamentally strong projects showed excellent results in July. The portfolio is managed by the Tokenbox team and has a TBII ticker for token. Low entry and exit fees of 1% and a conservative diversification strategy make this portfolio very attractive even for short-term investments.

The second place is currently occupied by The Token Fund portfolio, managed by the experienced team. This portfolio is focused on high returns from long-term trends in a wide range of digital assets. The Token Fund is one of the first digital asset funds started few years ago and now it came back on Tokenbox! We hope that we will be able to interview portfolio managers to learn more about their approach to trading and analysis of the cryptomarket.

Another portfolio of Tokenbox team called TOP5 Cap Strategy closes the TOP-3. This portfolio focuses on investments in the most valuable and famous cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash. This leading list is one of the most stable and sustainable. The “old school” cryptocurrencies are always on the top of capitalization and have great liquidity.

Investors on the Tokenbox platform can buy tokens of any of these Portfolio directly from the Marketplace screen, or go to the Portfolio page to see detailed information, look at the token price chart and make a purchase.

When purchasing Portfolio tokens, digital assets will be transferred to the Portfolio and the investor will be credited tokens to the trading account or wallet. Buying and selling Portfolio tokens by investors does not affect the price of Portfolio tokens, the price of which depends only on management performance. Please note that Portfolio managers cannot withdraw assets held in Portfolio accounts to any external account, but can only make transactions for the benefit of investors.

Choose your portfolio, buy tokens and keep an eye on the performance! And have a successful investment!

Choose your portfolio now

If you have any questions while working with Portfolio Service, please contact the platform support team: or write a question in the platform chat room at Telegram.




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