Update: USD, BTC, ETH & USDT is now available on Tokenbox.io Platform!

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2 min readAug 14, 2020


Dear friends!

As you know, the Portfolio Service on the Tokenbox platform allows you to create portfolios nominated in USD, BTC or ETH. Depending on the selected currency (reference currency), the performance of a portfolio is calculated and in this currency is estimated the price of the Portfolio token.

We are pleased to say that we have added the possibility to buy tokens of any Portfolio not only for the reference currency, but also for any of this list: USD, BTC, ETH, USDT!

This solution adds convenience for investors who can buy tokens of portfolios they are interested in for the currency they have without having to exchange. Portfolio managers can control the inflow of assets in different currencies in the Entry section of the Portfolio page.

If necessary, managers can either leave the incoming assets in the portfolio or exchange them for other assets or for reference currency through a trading terminal.

Please note that when selling tokens of a Portfolio, payments are still made only in the portfolio’s reference currency, as managers are not required to keep any assets in the portfolio permanently.

Tokenbox platform expands the options for deposits and withdrawals of assets. We have added the possibility of depositing and withdrawing using stablecoin Tether USD. The USDT token of ERC20 standard is supported.

We hope that you will enjoy our updates, and the ability to buy portfolios tokens for different currencies will increase the attractiveness of all portfolios.

We are actively working on extending our functionality, keep an eye on updates!

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