Web Summit in Lisbon

Today is a day of Tokenbox exhibition at the amazing Web Summit in Lisbon! Our booth is located at Pavilion 3, it’s easy to find our team at the purple GROWTH area — booth G 113. Make sure to stop by to chat with our CEO Pavel Salas, co-founder Vladimir Smerkis and media director Ola Yaroshevsky.

Also, we have a fun treat from Crypto Witch, who came over to hold a lottery for the brave ones. There’s a chance to win customised cold wallets and…. Ta-dah! Tickets to Metallica and Maroon 5 concert! Trick or treat y’all!

While you’re getting here along with 70K+ attendees from 159 countries, here’s what happened on the first day of the Web Summit:

- Tokenbox CEO, Pavel Salas conducted several presentations for venture funds including Commerzbank Ventures and 3st Venture. Soon we are going to share the status update with you on how these negotiations will be progressing.

- Our media director Ola Yaroshevsky did an interview with one of the leading figures in open-source software movement, head of Hyperledger — Brian Behlendorf. Subscribe to our Youtube channel to check out our previous interviews and stay tuned for updates from the Web Summit 2018.
- Tokenbox team took part in the event conducted by Timothy Draper, famous American venture capital investor who again shared his intriguing vision about the price of Bitcoin — he insists that the price would increase up to $250k before 2022!
- Blockchain announced $125million AirDrop of XLM cryptocurrency
- Samer Al Moubayed, the CEO of Furhat Robotics, premiered the company’s brand new social robot on the TalkRobot stage today http://em.websummit.com/b00008CmyOT0F30W000614I

We’re so ready for day 2 of the Web Summit — make sure to stop by our booth to meet our team in person!

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