Anna: Me, you, and Discord

In my last post I talked about how community sits at the heart of what we do here at Token. With that in mind, I’m keen to spend more time with you all, and given that Dan is going on holiday next week it’s a perfect time for me to officially join our Discord channel. For the last few months I’ve been lurking in the shadows under a different name (bonus points to anyone who can guess what it is ;)) — as of next week (Friday October 5th) I’ll be there under TokenAnna.

Friday 2–4pm GMT — let’s chat!

Starting October 5th, every Friday from 2pm to 4pm GMT I’ll be there to answer your questions and generally have a catch up. If something happens and I can’t do Friday at that time I’ll find another 2 hour slot that week, and I’ll keep you updated ahead of schedule. Like Dan, I’ll do my best to be as open as I can and will share everything I am able to share. There will be a lot that I can’t talk about right now; I feel and understand your frustrations, but we’re in a tight spot at the moment due to regulatory and partner constraints. I hate using the word ‘soon’ probably as much as you hate hearing it — however there is news on the horizon and it won’t be long until we can talk facts. On a more positive note — I’m excited to get to know you all better — so please come and hang out then.

Mel & Discord

Mel is also going to be spending some time in Discord. It’ll be less frequent than me as he’s pretty busy, however we’ll be fixing a monthly time for him to come and spend time with you. We’re aiming to make that the same time every month, and will be able to let you know when that is early next week.

Looking forward to Friday October 5th, and many more Fridays to come.