5 Things to Love About Token Changer

LOVE #1: Minimum Viable Product

The Token Changer’s minimum viable product is ready and available on the ethereum blockchain. Discover live and upcoming DApps through our DApps directory page.

LOVE #2: Ownership Structure

20% of Token Changer’s reward token (symbol: TOC) is set aside to reward market makers. In many DApps (deployed on the platform), whenever a market maker exits a position on the order book, the market maker earns block points. This non tradable, non transferable reward token is exchangeable for TOC tokens which can be traded and transferred.

A percentage of the trading commission earned by the platform will be used to buy TOCs from the open market to maintain the 20% TOC reserve. In essence, market makers get part of the platform’s revenue.

LOVE #3: Zero Fees

Market makers do not pay any trading fees.

LOVE #4: One Stop for Financial DApps

The Token Changer platform stack enables all the user’s financial application needs to be met on one platform. From the exchange of simple tokens to tokens that embody complex exchange processes.

LOVE #5: Simple & Fast

Token Changer DApps have a point and click interface. Processing steps for transactions are also kept to a minimum making transactions fast and stress free.