5 Things to Love About Token Changer

Token Changer is a blockchain platform for distributed financial applications (DApps). We design, build and host a wide variety of DApps. From simple token trading DApps to complex financial applications. Here are the things to love about Token Changer.

LOVE #1: Minimum Viable Product

Token Changer’s minimum viable product is ready and available on the ethereum blockchain. Discover live and upcoming DApps through our DApps directory page.

LOVE #2: Token is Linked to Revenue

Twenty percent (20%) of Token Changer’s reward token (symbol: TOC) is set aside to fund our customer loyalty program. As this 20% called the Market Makers Reserve runs down, there has to be a mechanism to replenish it. That mechanism is the link between the token and revenue.

A percentage of the revenue earned by the platform will be used to buy back TOCs from the open market to maintain the 20% TOC reserve. This token buy back scheme achieves two objectives. One, the purchase funds our customer loyalty program in the long term. Two, the buy back enables token holders to make “above market profits” since we set the buy back price.

LOVE #3: One Stop Shop for Financial DApps

The apple store is a destination for mobile apps. Amazon and Alibaba are e-commerce destinations on the web. Token Changer’s strategic intent is to become a one stop shop for distributed financial applications (DApps).

LOVE #4: Friendly User Interface

Token Changer DApps have a point and click interface. Processing steps for transactions are also kept to a minimum making transactions fast and stress free.

LOVE #5: Fast Time to Market

Within 90 days after our ICO, we are going to start launching DApps for minting, trading and transferring stable tokens (usd, euro, yen etc). These DApps is the implementation of what we call the convergence of money. The convergence of money represents a very big market opportunity and we have a five year plan to take advantage of our first mover position.

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