The Thirty Million Token Airdrop

Apr 2, 2018 · 4 min read

Token Changer is a blockchain platform for distributed financial applications (DApps). We design, build and host a wide variety of DApps. From simple token trading DApps to complex financial applications.

Token Changer is giving away three percent of its total mint in one of the largest and longest airdrops ever done. Our intent is to build an informed and engaged community that has a stake in the future success of the project.

Before our Initial Coin Offering (ICO), you will be able to earn block points (this is like air miles) by engaging with the Token Changer project. At the end of the ICO, block point holders will share 1.5% (15,000,000) of the total number of tokens minted by Token Changer. Those that vest their block points for twelve months share another (1.5%) 15,000,000 tokens.

You should vest your block points for the following reasons. The Token Changer platform is ninety percent complete. We have an incredible DApps development plan. With a motivated community backing us, everything is possible.

Over the next five years, our primary focus will be to build DApps for minting, trading and tranferring stable tokens.

Our plan addresses three huge markets. One, the market for stable tokens -think multi-currency tether. Two, the inter trade of these and other tokens on the blockchain -think user friendly ether delta. Three, the use of stable tokens to transfer value -think faster and cheaper western union.

You can earn block points by taking part in many activities leading up to our ICO. Apart of joining our telegram group, you can pick and choose which activities to take part in. The rest of this article outlines ways to earn block points during this airdrop.

Join Our Social Media Channels

We use social media channels to communicate block point earning activities. So, if you want to get information about activities at the right time, it is a good idea to join our telegram, twitter and reddit groups.

In particular, you get registration block points for joining our telegram group. As an incentive to join our other social media channels, we award higher block points for activities posted on the twitter and reddit channels.

Play Mind Meld

Mind Meld is daily trivia about Token Changer posted in one of our social media channels. This could be on telegram, twitter or reddit. The trivia would have a number and reward code. You need to enter the reward code in our airdrop DApp to earn block points for that Mind Meld.

Tell a Friend

You can earn Block Points when you get a friend to join our telegram group and register on the airdrop DApp. Your friend must enter your ethereum address as the referral address during registration. If any of your referrals is disqualified for not following the rules, the referral block points will be subtracted from your total.

Why would your friend bother to add you as a referral during registration? Because, referred community members get bonus block points during registration.

Activities & Block Points

The block points earned for each activity is as follows.

Joining our telegram group and registering on the DApp: 25 block points

Bonus earned when you refer: 250 block points

Bonus earned by the person you refer: 125 block points

Submitting a reward code for a Mind Meld: 40 to 60 block points

Block Points & TOC Tokens

Block points are non tradable and non transferable tokens. The TOC is a market traded and transferable reward token. Token Changer will mint a total of one billion TOC tokens. Twenty percent of this is set aside for the long term redemption of block points earned on the platform.

Thirty percent will be sold during the ICO. Another three percent (of TOCs) is been used to redeem block points earned during this airdrop. This three percent has a potential value of $4.5 million (USD) at ICO time.

After the ICO and verification of registered participants, half of the three percent will be exchanged for block points. This is optional, you can choose not to exchange at this point and vest your block points. After the 12 months vesting period, the other half will be exchanged for vested block points.

Next Steps

Join our telegram group. This first step is compulsory. Next, use this form to link your ethereum (metamask) address to your telegram user name. Finally, use your linked ethereum address to register on our airdrop DApp to receive your first 25 block points.

To recap, join our telegram group. Link your ethereum address to your telegram username by completing this form. Register your linked ethereum address on our airdrop DApp.

Block points earned by an ethereum address on the DApp will be frozen, if the address is not linked to a user name on telegram. We will use mechanical turk or similar tool to verify this linkage.

Useful Links

Telegram Group

Telegram & Airdrop DApp Linking Form

Airdrop DApp

How to Use Airdrop DApp

Token Changer White and Green Papers


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