Introducing TokenClub — your “monthly subscription box” for ICO tokens

Today, the BlockCrushr Labs team is proud to introduce a brand-new product. It’s called TokenClub. TokenClub is a monthly subscription service for ICO tokens. With one convenient monthly payment, you skip all the work, skip the lines, and get a virtual “loot crate” of the best and hottest new ICO tokens every month, sent directly to your Ethereum wallet.

Why TokenClub?

ICOs are revolutionizing fundraising and venture capital worldwide. But individually, they can take a lot of time and effort to participate in.

Between finding, vetting and choosing projects, getting on the presale list, and trying to get your transaction in at just the right time with just the right amount of gas, it can almost be a full time job. Not everyone has the time or inclination for that.

That’s why we’ve started TokenClub. TokenClub takes care of all the hard work for you. You simply choose a monthly spend, and we send you a basket of premium new ICO tokens. Every. Month.

No third-party platforms. No complicated protocols —Just tokens, straight to your Ethereum wallet.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up for a plan and choose how much you want to spend. Pay with a credit card, or send ETH, BTC, XMR or ZEC.
  2. Sit back as we source and acquire the hottest ICO tokens for you.
  3. We send your premium selection of tokens to your Ethereum wallet every month. If you don’t have a wallet, we’ll hold them for you in the TokenClub Vault until you’re ready to withdraw them.

What kind of token quality can I expect?

TokenClub is a premium service and as such we are only interested in acquiring brand new, top-tier tokens for our customers. Think of flagship projects like Civic, FileCoin, Golem, Kik, etc. as well as other high quality but lesser known projects.

How does KYC work?

Verify your account with us once, and we’ll handle the rest.

How do I get my tokens?

If you already have an Ethereum wallet, you can register your wallet address during signup and we’ll send all your tokens there. If you don’t enter one, we’ll hold your tokens in the TokenClub Vault until you’re ready to withdraw them.

How do you make money?

We charge a one-time fee on new token purchases based on your monthly subscription price.

  • Under $1000/mo: 8.45%
  • Under $2500/mo: 6.45%
  • $2500/mo+: 4.45%

OK, I’m drooling. How do I join TokenClub?

We’re accepting a limited number of participants for our launch phase. Enter your email address above and we’ll send out invites on a rolling basis.

Join our Telegram and get connected with the team. You can also email us at

What do you think about TokenClub? Have any questions? Leave us a comment!

About TokenClub

TokenClub is a monthly subscription service that sends a basket of the hottest new ICO tokens directly to your Ethereum wallet every month.

About BlockCrushr Labs

BlockCrushr Labs, an award-winning blockchain venture studio, was recently named one of Canada’s Top 25 Up and Coming ICT companies.

Founded by Halifax-based entrepreneurs and technologists Scott Burke and Andrew Redden, BlockCrushr Labs has been gaining worldwide acclaim for their projects, having just received the 2017 Year of Giving Award from the Prime Minister of the UAE at the World Government Summit in Dubai for their Hypergive system.

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