TokenData’s Mission

TokenData is the first platform that builds and executes professional investment decisions, relying on an awesome crypto-assets Data Lake.

With the Brooklyn Project in 2015, everything we knew collapsed. We then dove into the Blockchain and the Ethereum protocol: a new world was opening its doors to us.

We started to follow and support all the extraordinary programs that began to unravel in 2016. The rocket was launched, and more and more companies started to raise funds through ICOs. Due to the impossibility to support all new promising projects, we had to start collecting data for evaluation purposes.

At this point, traditional methods of analysis we used to know could not apply any longer.

Cryptosphere stakeholders are very different from traditional investors and have different decision-making behaviors.

We focused on Big Data methodology and Artificial Intelligence, the most efficients technologies for understanding those circles. We have collected a great deal of data on the crypto-assets ecosystem.

We developed a platform, offering reliable, complete datasets and improved new indicators to empower our clients. A whole new level of decision-making technology was born for professional investors.

We provide investors with the best technology through our trading terminal.

As Bloomberg’s “Bloom” did in the 90’s for traditional markets, our box delivers billions of reliable data through streaming canals as well as FIX APIs.

As of date, we collect more than 2 billions data every day and we are able to share with our users 150 fondamental variables about crypto-assets companies as well as financial data (historical & current) from more than 40 crypto exchanges.

Token Data’s Dream Team

Our team is composed of a worldwide group of entrepreneurs, tech experts & legal advisors that all share the same vision of creating new decision models based on data & not on pre-biais human hypothesis. Each of our full time dedicated member brings its own expertise & personality as well as its unique set of skills to conduct TokenData’s mission

Legal Advisory Team :

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