Token Desk rated among TOP10 ICOs by is one of best known ICO rating platforms on the web. It has brought together a great number of professionals with the background in blockchain based products and services.

According to their verdict TokenDesk gets 4,6 out of 5 points.

This truly impressive mark brings us all the way up to the TOP10. Without a doubt such position demands even more involvement from our team making this platform as good as it is expected to be. Or better, hopefully.

How do they rate it?

The rating is combined of two main parts — ICObench assessment algorithm that uses over 20 different criteria. This process could generate up to 30 points for an ICO.

Another part of rating consists of certain methodology as well as the opinion of independent experts. These processes are very dynamic and rating itself won’t be engraved in marble stone. Once an ICO starts to deviate from the given standards, its rating can drop. And in contrary, if a team decide improve certain aspects of their ICO, rate might as well increase.

Basics of the methodology

Probably the most important part of all — the team. ICObench would evaluate every member according to his or her know-how, previous experience and the ability to communicate with the right messages.

The product. It is much easier to judge the working thing, a prototype or something close to that. However, in tech businesses majority of products are cloud based or just not physical goods. That isn’t an issue as the evaluation then will focus on the general problem the product will be solving together with the roadmap of implementation of the idea.

To have a proper business strategy is as important as to have the idea of the business. No matter whether it is ICO or a slightly more ordinary type of startup — plans matter. Short and long-term outlook of ICO should clearly (and realistically) state what to expect from token valuation and their potential. All pricing strategies, emissions and plans for exchange trading are vital to get an investor interested.

And the last, but certainly not least is legal compliance to all currently existing standards and ethics. Regardless the fact that ICOs operate in a bit of a Wild West, best business will always have similar standards of good practice.

Invest in TokenDesk

TokenDesk team is more than a couple of enthusiastic youngsters. In contrary, it’s a bunch of well experienced successful entrepreneurs who did what they had to do — jumped on the train of opportunity.

TokenDesk is going to be the biggest ICO platform on the web. It is being built to last, expand and dominate the market. We believe investors got it right as attracted over 1000 of the during the first day if our token pre-sale campaign.

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