TokenDesk appears on the national TV

Our founder Tadas Rimdzius made an appearance on the national television yesterday. The channel is watched by millions of viewers daily. It is one of a few times so far when the national news service draw attention to blockchain projects.

About TokenDesk

The former mayor of Vilnius, who acts as an advisor at TokenDesk commented on the progress blockchain technology could bring to Vilnius:

“I see blockchain as a very promising technology to ensure fast and reliable municipal services to our citizens. There is an increasing number of countries which implement data transfer or medical information distribution using blockchain based systems.”

Tadas Rimdzius, the co-founder:

“We are on the verge of blockchain revolution. This is a very good time to be developing such an influential project as is TokenDesk — the biggest global ICO platform. Everybody will be able to invest in ICOs as we are making it easy to do with our secure and reliable service.”

Global interest

During the first week of TDS token reservation campaign, we have attracted over 6000 investors from 143 countries. This is an impressive distribution of interest. It clearly shows that our global marketing strategy is highly effective.

The majority of investors come from these three countries: United States, India and United Kingdom. This isn’t surprising as these countries are always seen to be the regional beacons of innovations. Top 10 also makes such locations as Brazil, Canada, Israel and Sweden.

Due to increased number of requests from larger scale investors, we have also raised the limit for token reservation from 5000 to 15000 TDS tokens. This seem to satisfy a wider scope of investors.

Almost all tokens gone

Due to the overbooking in our pre-sale reservation campaign, it is clear that the first stack of 3 mln. TDS tokens will sell out in less than 48h. Currently the value of all reservations slightly exceed the initial number of TDS tokens. It means that we should expect the shortage of tokens on our initial 48h sale which starts at 4th Oct.

If you still desire to take a piece of action, be sure to reserve your tokens here and now. Also, there is an option to buy tokens at wholesale price, but the amount should exceed 15000 units. For that, you should contact Gintaras, our CEO. Look for the email below.

TD is on media all over the world

It is really great that our efforts have been noticed by media from all over the world. Articles about TokenDesk were published everywhere from UK, to US, China, S. Korea, UAE back to Russia, Lithuania and many other locations. Some of the publications and videos:

Several well known Youtubers have made videos about our platform. Also, took interview from Gintaras, CEO of TokenDesk. Here they are:





Strong team — excellent results

ICO is like any other type of business launch, where investors act an important role. Therefore, it is vital not only to have a strong image of what the business is going to do, but also a team with the previous background of successful development of ideas. That is exactly what we have.

Gintaras, our CEO, is a former member of the Parliament of Lithuania. He’s been working with blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies for over 5 years. Tadas Rimdzius is one of the founders of The remaining members of our team are successful entrepreneurs and market experts who accumulate the synergy to establish a market leading ICO platform — TokenDesk.

Last chance

TokenDesk pre-sale starts at 4th of Oct. Reserve your tokens and be sure to get into club of TDS community. What’s worth mentioning is that only TDS token holders will have an option to buy future ICO (that will be published on the TokenDesk platform) tokens with discounts up to 80%.

Reserve your tokens here.


Wholesale token purchases: