TokenDesk’s CEO Gintaras Tamosiunas became a member of Bitcoin Foundation

This week Gintaras Tamosiunas, the TokenDesk’s CEO has become a member of Bitcoin Foundation. It is an American based non-profit organization that was established in 2012 with the main goal to form standards of Bitcoin cryptocurrency use and promotion.

The initial idea to join this organization rose from the need to promote the benefits of blockchain based technology. Currently there is an incredible inequality certain areas of the world where access to financial services is lacking. More than 2 billion people struggle to get any advantages of technological innovations.

Improving lives of others

TokenDesk will lead the way for a number of newly established cryptocurrencies. Using rather simple technological solutions it could make a real breakthrough in delivering convenient and secure means of payment to less developed regions.

Feeling the need to share progress of everyday life encouraged us to make effort and team up with like-minded industry leaders. Being a part of innovative digital business oblige us to make sure it reaches the ones who will feel the most of it as we see ourselves as socially responsible and active members of society.


The organization was founded by one of the main developers Gavin Andersen, who contributed to Bitcoin success to a great extent. Making real influence require strong personalities and clear vision of the taken path.

In 2018 TokenDesk will be initiating ICOs exceeding $88 million in turnover. It should amount to roughly one percent of total yearly ICO sales, a figure that is planned to quadruple in upcoming five years. Leading a company through newly forming industry is not a job for scatterbrained. The uncertainty and fluctuating standards will require strong leadership skills that are expected from our team. The experience they have accumulated so far is probably the highest valued asset — rare and precious.

What we’re up to

Our long term plans include making TokenDesk not just a platform for ICOs as such, but rather an influential online marketplace for new future leading blockchain based businesses. Our token will also be listed on the Kraken, BitFinex and Bitrex exchanges, which will enable you to track our potential rise in value.

Great synergy of business and social responsible approach to it should be every modern company’s secondary milestone. First, of course, is to make money. Combining one with another will help to improve general situation in the most forgotten corners of the world. Efficiency and effectiveness of contemporary technological solutions is what new era is bringing us right now. And we’re happily accepting it.