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Oct 11 · 4 min read

Zug 10th of October 2019 — During the past months we have been working with several potential clients with a strong interested in tokenization and, with that, in the solution we’ve built. Based on the valuable hands-on experience we have optimized our product suite, resulting in a clear offering and value proposition. This blog post serves those who are interested in our product and want to get a better understanding of what we offer and how it will enable you to get started in the world of tokenization.

Tokenization Partners & Service Providers

If you decide to tokenize your asset you want to work with the industry best possible providers and you most likely will select these based on previous experiences (preferred partners) or based on their track records in this emerging market.

As a client you should be in control of the whole tokenization process

Besides that, we highly recommend this approach because it enables you to work with multiple distribution partners. If you decide to select a so called “one-stop shop” partner, you are bound to their distribution channel and worst-case to their non-blockchain, centralized tokenization solution, which will leave you out of the global distribution channel the Ethereum Blockchain offers.

Token Factory’s Product Suite

We offer a technical solution which enables you to tokenize your asset and in addition have full control and ownership. Our solution is built on the public Ethereum Blockchain and in addition comes with a rock solid backend and easy-to-use frontend. Let’s take a closer look at those 3 layers.

Our technical solution / software stack in a high-level overview

Layer 1: Blockchain / Smart-Contracts

The core of our solution are of course our smart-contracts deployed on the public Ethereum Blockchain. These contracts have been used already for tokenization and in addition have been audited by external well-know security companies (learn more). Let’s have a closer look at them:

Token Factory’s smart-contracts (high-level overview) including features ✓

Layer 2: Backend

The engine of our solution, build to scale and very robust, utilizing many of the great features AWS delivers. Simply put this is where all data is safely being stored (i.e. investor-data) and where the Blockchain smart-contracts get linked to an interface that is easy to understand (front-end). If you are curious to learn more and have a bit of a tech background, you can read our detailed blog post about our serverless setup here:

Layer 3: Frontend

In order for you to work with our solution we’ve built a very simple interface, which enables you to interact with the smart-contracts without hardly noticing the Blockchain and thus the underlying smart-contracts. Keeping in mind the strict regulations that apply to Banks and Fund Managers we will support multi-sig wallets (i.e. and therefore you can work with a four-eye principle, meaning each interaction has to be confirmed by at least 2 (prior) assigned people.

Sneak peek at the Token Factory’s Admin Dashboard v1

Through this simple interface you can manage your security tokens in a simple and efficient way.


  • Create a new Token Register (i.e. by asset class; Real Estate, Art, etc.)
  • Create a new Security Token (i.e. a Real Estate Property) linked to the register (i.e. Real Estate)
  • For each Security Token you can create additional tokens (mint) or delete a certain amount of tokens (burn)
  • For each Security Token you can distribute dividends or conduct a voting amongst the tokenholders
  • Linked to each Security Token is the Investor Whitelist, which you can add anytime. You can decide if a Investor Whitelist is linked to one Security Token or to many
  • For each Investor Whitelist you can add or remove Investor Wallet Addresses. Optional you can link this to your KYC provider (i.e. IDnow)
  • Optionally, you can create a decentralized Exchange for your Security Tokens, this is where we utilize the UniSwap Exchange Protocol (learn more). For each Security Token trading pair you can add liquidity (or remove).

Our solution enables you to be in control of your tokenized assets in a secure and decentralized way, with no tricky dependencies on us. Currently, we are working with regulated institutes to make the product even better. In the near future we will announce our first clients and with that the regulated assets that have been tokenized powered by our technical solution.

Are you interested? Want to learn more? Contact us today at

Token Factory

Blockchain Solutions for Finance and Commerce. Token Factory, your Blockchain consultant & technology provider for asset digitalization: security token management, investor (whitelist) management and trading with liquidity.

Token Factory

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Token Factory

Blockchain Solutions for Finance and Commerce. Token Factory, your Blockchain consultant & technology provider for asset digitalization: security token management, investor (whitelist) management and trading with liquidity.

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