We are wrapping up the week with an aura of satisfaction. After conducting some very insightful expert interviews, we feel like we are getting ever closer to defining a problem.

The subjects interviewed are Anders Lauerson of the Øhaven community garden in Aarhus, Ethan McMahon of EPA’s Smart City Challenge in Washington, D.C., and ‘urban ecology’ expert Ariel Levi Simons in Los Angeles, CA. We also sent out questionnaires to Øhaven users, urban agriculture interest groups, and to subjects of air pollution. Next week, we plan to speak with participants of SØF (a community-driven distribution channel of locally grown organic produce in Sønderborg, Denmark). We would like to thank each and every one of the participants, in addition to Ace Kremmer for his wonderful support.

The goal is now to process and code the data we retrieved from the interviews and questionnaires. This involves writing bits of information on stickies and grouping these stickies by similarity. It should give us a more definitive understanding of the problems at hand.

Pallet boxes at the Øhaven community garden
Rooftop greenhouses in the background
Michael taking notes on the interview with McMahon
Post-processing the interviews