Market Cap of Smart Contract Platform Saw Significant Decrease in Q3 — Report Shows

TokenInsight’s 2019 Q3 Smart Contract Platform Industry Research Report promises to update you with the latest developments and changes occurring within the industries.

Key Points:

✅In Q3 2019, the market capitalization of the Smart Contract Platform in the industry accounted for 9.8%, a significant decrease from the 14.9% in Q2 2019.

✅The secondary market fell in Q3 2019, and the return of investment of each project was negative during the period. The Smart Contract Platform changed its growth momentum in the previous Q2 and began to adjust. Among the top ten projects, Ethereum, EOS, and Tron still have the market value and trading volume of the top three, of which Ethereum has an absolute leading position with a market dominance of 72% in the Smart Contract Platform sector.

✅In Q3 2019, EOS and other projects further reduce the development cost of developers. Projects such as Polkadot continue to work for the mainnet. In addition to EOS, Tron, and Ethereum, Cosmos has a high degree of code development, indicating that developers are more interested in the blockchain interoperability.

✅The top ten Smart Contract Platform mainnets by market capitalization have all been launched, but from the analysis of ecosystem maturity, Ethereum, EOS, and Tron are the best of three. Ethereum has the best ecosystem of DApps, and serves as a decentralized infrastructure for the future of open finance.

In Q3 2019, cross-chain and multi-layer architecture became a hotspot in this field, and the sharding technique has also made great progress. Cosmos’s IBC will be launched at the end of this year. And the Polkadot testnet has also been launched. Cross-chain technology is a step closer to actual implementation; Ethereum’s sharding plan and the Nervos mainnet will soon be launched and will definitely bring changes to the industry. Staking has attracted much attentions, but at this stage exchanges and wallets have natural advantages. The concept of Ethereum 2.0 that everyone can be a node may bring new models to the staking industry.

✅It is worth to note that the Smart Contract Platforms in China are taking advantage of the policy (The country has decided to support blockchain technology at the national level). Those projects are actively cooperating with governments and enterprises to enrich their business ecosystem. The focuses are how to accelerate the application of blockchain while keeping a tight government control.

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