Don’t miss out with Tokenize: April 2018!

Alson Chia
Apr 12, 2018 · 3 min read

It has been an interesting month of April for all of us! Nobody will ever know what’s next in the realm of crypto & blockchain! So here are some updates from Tokenize Xchange.

What happened last week?!

Tokenize, one of the sponsors for this event

A week ago, 5–6 April 2018, Tokenize attended one of the most anticipated conference, De/Centralize 2018, in Singapore!

Both days were filled with enriching insights from the veterans such as:
* Eyal Hertzog, Product Architect of Bancor
* Zooko Wilcox, Founder & CEO of Zcash
* Joseph Poon,
Co-Author of Plasma and Lightning Network

Hence, Tokenize would be summarizing the content for our members that missed out on such a great event! So, stay tuned! And share it with your friends by making sure they join our Telegram group, follow our Medium, Facebook & Twitter!

What’s next for us?!

Our upcoming session!

As Tokenize is going to roll out our Bounty Campaign & Token Sales soon, we plan to have a session with our members to share about ICOs and IEOs — How it has changed over the years as the Crypto space grow.

In 2016, the ICO realm was simple. There were Capped sales that sold a fixed quantity of tokens at a fixed price which led to a fixed valuation quickly.
On the other hand, Uncapped sales allowed for any amount of tokens to be bought by the investor.
Now, thanks to a surge of interest and curiosity about the theoretical and practical cases that blockchain offers, new innovative sales offerings have emerged.

Tokenize instead chooses its own method. Join the session to explore deep into the ICO revolution and how the Tokenize Xchange intends to introduce a more engaging and intimate ICO, the Tokenize Live Consensus.

We will have the session on:

25 April 2018, 7 PM — 930 PM GMT
28 Tai Seng Street level 7 Sakae Building

More details & register here:

If you have any queries regarding the session kindly email to

Tokenize Xchange

Tokenize, a team that aspire to build the next generation…

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