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The Newsletter by Tokenize Xchange (Vol.121| January 2021)

More new coins!

New coins ZIL, UNI, CRV, XLM will be available in our Crypto Earn feature from this 29th Jan.

Users are now able to deposit these coins and earn APR (Annual Percentage Rate) as following:

  • 4% for non-TKX staked users.
  • 7% for TKX-staked users.

APR adjusted

We are happy to announce the APR of USDT, USDC and DAI will be increased from 6% to 10% (without TKX staking) and with 8% to 12%(with TKX staking).

*Users can now stake 2,000 TKX (which used to be 2,500 TKX) to enjoy the additional APR. Click here to learn more.

Need to know more about Crypto Earn?

Join Crypto Earn to get a passive income with crypto. Our Crypto Earn acts as a digital wallet that allows you to keep your crypto safe while still earning the ARP up to 12%.

Follow these simple rules to subscribe to the Crypto Earn program.

1. Deposit your cryptocurrency to our Crypto Earn wallet.

2. You are able to take out the deposit you have input on the 2nd day of every month, provided that the crypto has been locked up for a minimum timeframe of 30 days. If the lock-up time doesn’t last for 30 days, you will need to withdraw on the 2nd day of the following month.

3. Enjoy interest of up to 12%!


Join us now to enjoy the benefits while spending half with our New Year Promotion:

  • The amount of staking is reduced from 2,500TKX to 2,000 TKX
  • The APR is as high as 12%

Learn more about how a Tokenize Crypto Earn account works and what Tokenize does with account assets here.


How to upgrade your membership?


Normal : Free

Premium Membership: 160 TKX

Platinum Membership: pay 800 TKX, stake 800 TKX (1-year staking)

Rule of staking:

When you subscribe to a membership, for premium you will need to pay 160TKX. For platinum, you only need to pay 800TKX. However, you need to deposit 800TKX of TKX in your wallet staking, which you can withdraw when subscription is expired or terminated.

* The membership subscription can only be terminated after twelve (12) months.

How To Subscribe?

  1. Sign in to your account with your email address and click on “Settings”.
  1. Next, click on “Membership”. Click on “Upgrade” and get your membership upgraded now!

* You can purchase TKX via fiat or crypto in BTC, ETH, SGD and USD markets to upgrade your membership now!

Here is the detailed video guide to upgrade your membership :

ETH gets volatile, reachs ATH of $1,450

Ether’s 30-day volatility, a measure of the asset’s gyrations on the spot market, has risen dramatically since the start of the year. On Jan. 1, 2021, volatility was at 66.87%. On Sunday, Jan. 24, that number hit 152.67%, the highest since April 2020’s coronavirus-induced market crash. It’s also much higher than bitcoin’s 106.33% volatility as of Jan. 24.

Ether and bitcoin’s 30-day volatility the past year

Ether’s latest rally to all-time highs appears to be driven, in part, by the sort of institutional investors who piled into bitcoin in 2020 for its digital gold narrative. More institutional investors are seeing ether as a store of value.

Bitcoin falls, miners sell

Bitcoin’s price dropped as much as 10% during early trading hours on Tuesday as bitcoin miners started selling a large amount of the cryptocurrency for the first time since October.

Bitcoin miners’ position index, a ratio of the number of bitcoin leaving all miners’ wallets to that number’s one-year moving average, reached an eight-year high last week and is still above 2.0, according to data from on-chain analytics firm CryptoQuant. Any value above 2.0 indicates that most miners are selling.

Bitcoin miners’ position index

Miners appear to have been selling in order to meet some of their operational costs. And there is not enough demand to absorb the additional coins on the market because institutions want an idea of how the new Biden Administration will view bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Bank of Singapore says crypto could replace gold as store of value

Bank of Singapore, a private banking arm of OCBC Bank, has said cryptocurrencies have the potential to partially replace gold as a store of value.

  • Before that can happen, though, cryptocurrencies must overcome hurdles including high volatility, regulatory acceptance and reputational risks, according to a research note from the bank reported by The National News on Sunday.
  • “First, investors need trustworthy institutions to be able to hold digital currencies securely. Second, liquidity needs to improve significantly to reduce volatility to manageable levels,” wrote Mansoor Mohi-uddin, chief economist at Bank of Singapore.
  • If the issues can be addressed, bitcoin (BTC, -0.2%) could have a place in investors’ portfolios as a potential safe-haven asset and means to diversify assets, he said.
  • Cryptocurrencies offer the benefit that they are easy to move and store when compared with precious metals, though they are also prone to theft via hacking, per the note.
  • Mohi-uddin doesn’t see cryptos replacing fiat currencies, however, as he considers them an inefficient unit of exchange.
  • “Governments are very wary of any technology that could potentially displace national currencies. This would reduce the ability of policymakers to print money during economic crises,” he added.

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