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The Newsletter by Tokenize Xchange (Vol.139| June 2021)


From Jun 1st, 2021, Tokenize Exchange extends the TKX giveaway for both referrals and referees, alongside with some exciting new promotions.

Earn TKX By Inviting Friends

You will get 5TKX in your Wallets for each friend who signs up, successfully passes KYC verification on Tokenize Xchange, and trade US$1000 worth of crypto.

Your friend will also get 5TKX by signing up with your referral link upon successful onboarding and trade US$1000 worth of crypto.

Profit-sharing Referral (New!)

From Jun 1st, all referrers will get up to 20% commission from your referees’ trading fee each time your referees make a trade on Tokenize after signing up their accounts by clicking the referral links from today.

This promotion is applied to an unlimited number of referees. The condition for referrers is: successfully verified KYC and stake at least 20TKX.

Upgrade For Two (New!)

Let’s INVITE your friends to Tokenize because from now on, both you and your referees will get SG$50 of TKX in your wallet when your friends:

  1. completely sign up with your referral link,
  2. pass KYC verification,
  3. upgrade their membership to Premium/Platinum.

This promotion is applied to unlimited numbers of referees. Both you and your friends will immediately get the bonus after being successfully verified and upgrading to the Premium/Platinum account.

The more friends you invite to Tokenize Exchange, the more you get! Let’s profit with Tokenize!



  • All promotions run simultaneously.
  • All promotions (except the 5TKX give-away) end at 0:00AM SGT January 1st, 2022.

Give-away Closed: Winners Shortlisted


We have replied to the qualified users’ entrance comments in our Facebook group Tokenize Community, check and INBOX US your account if you were shortlisted. Any comment not replied to is not qualified due to one of the reasons:

  • Meme not included.
  • Meme irrelevant to crypto.

***Please note that we have prepared a list of give-away winners, who were not announced qualified that provide us your emails will not receive any reward.

Ethereum 2.0: What Do We Expect From EIP 1559?

EIP 1559 has been uploaded to the GitHub open-source platform by the Ethereum developers since April 13, 2019, and being in the reviewing process. However, they have recently decided to integrate EIP 1559 into the hard fork upgrade by this July. This will be good news for the ETH community due to its improvement in the gas fee system. But what are EIP 1559 upgrades and how does it affect the market? This article will help you answer the questions right away!


The Ups And Downs Before A Decentralised Future

Cryptocurrencies will become a significant element of a digital future but it’s still an asset well-known for its volatility.

However, we believe that temporary setbacks will not undermine the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Keep Tokenizing!

So instead of boring everyone with depressing statistics, let’s dive straight into the four key reasons behind the recent market ̶c̶r̶a̶s̶h̶ *correction.


What’s Behind MATIC’s Price Surge?

Polygon network is a crypto platform desired to provide faster, cheaper transactions and improves existing problems on the Ethereum blockchain such as limited scalability and high transaction fees. Polygon’s token Matic has become a large-cap cryptocurrency with $10 billion and is ranked in the top 20 digital coins according to CoinMarketCap.

What has pumped MATIC prices?

Billionaire Mark Cuban who is a shark investor in the reality show Shark Tank has publicly supported Polygon, the Indian blockchain network. It shows that more large investors are tapping into cryptocurrency despite the recent turmoil in the crypto market.

Since May 25th, 2021, Polygon has officially been listed in the portfolio of Mark Cuban Companies which can be appraised as the confirmation of the billionaire’s support for this crypto project.


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