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The Newsletter by Tokenize Xchange (Vol.147| July 2021)

TKX Monday Funday: Mini-games every Monday!

Starting from this August, every Monday on Tokenize Xchange’s social media channels we offer fun games with great prizes, ranging from free coins, discounts, to our exclusive merchandise, etc.

Follow us on Facebook & Telegram now to avoid missing out our play-to-earn activities.

[Telegram] Aftershock Give-away Coming Soon

A huge give-away event is coming on our Tokenize Xchange Announcement Telegram Channel.

Look forward for further announcements on 1st August.

Mask Up Coming to an End: Check your Email

All the eligible users, please check your emails for any confirmation email from Tokenize Xchange and confirm your residence address to receive our gift as soon as possible.

If you’re eligible and do not receive any email before 10th August, 2021, please contact our customer support to be assisted.

Top 10 Crypto Youtube Channels

Doing your own research is one of the 5 golden rules in crypto investment, and Youtube is a common source for you to do so. To make it easier for you, today we would love to suggest the top 10 Crypto Youtube channels to help arm yourself with crypto knowledge, trading strategy, investment guides, and many more! Let’s explore the crypto Youtube space with Tokenize Xchange!


5 Myths about NFTs You Should Know

NFTs are having a moment right now with their recent trend, creating a revolution in blockchain technology. But have you really understood NFTs and all of their features? Let’s explore 5 common myths about NFTs with Tokenize Xchange in this article!


Crypto Staking: What to Notice?

In the previous article, we mentioned 5 reasons to begin staking. However, is staking that easy? Do you need to do your own research before staking? Today Tokenize Xchange will help you answer the above questions with 5 things to notice in crypto staking. Let’s find out!


A Short Introduction to Automated Market Makers (AMMs)

To comprehend Automated Market Makers (AMMs), it’s essential to first have an understanding of traditional markets, liquidity, and how liquidity pools function.

In centralised exchanges, ‘liquidity’ and ‘asset pricing’ are crucial elements. Order books display the prices at which traders wish to buy or sell, and order book matching systems match and execute the trades. The most recent price at which the asset was traded will be displayed as its market price.

Buy and sell requests from traders have to be constantly met to prevent an ‘illiquid’ market, or a market in which assets cannot be easily sold or traded. This is why exchanges employ the services of market makers (e.g. institutional investors) to trade assets at any given price to ensure liquidity.


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