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The Newsletter by Tokenize Xchange (Vol.183| Apr 2022)

7k+ USD Giveaway: Easter Surprise Lucky Draw

Easter Day 2022 will come in two weeks! On this joy-filled day, Tokenize will bring to all users who upgrade their membership an Easter Surprise Goodie Bag and a chance to win our Lucky Draw’s grand prize worth more than 7,000 USD!

Promotion Period

The promotion runs from 10th April, 00:00 to 24th April, 23:59.

Promotion Rewards

Users who have upgraded their membership to Platinum will receive a Goodie Bag including 13 surprising gifts.

Users who have upgraded their membership to Premium will receive a Goodie Bag including 11 surprising items.

Especially, 1 Platinum User will receive: S$10,000 (or USD 7,000) worth of TKX

Note: All Tokenize Xchange Platinum members will have the chance to win S$10,000 (or USD 7,000) worth of TKX including newly joined or existing Platinum members by 24th April 2022 at 23:59. The Lucky Draw will start on Facebook Live on 4th May 2022, 11 a.m SGT

>>>Click to find out how to upgrade your membership: 4 reasons why you should upgrade your membership

General Rules

  1. The giveaway campaign rewards are only available for users residing in Singapore.
  2. Users who have upgraded their membership will be entitled to an Easter Surprise Goodie Bag, based on their membership tier.
  3. Each user is only entitled to 1 Goodie Bag.
  4. Qualified users will be notified by early May 2022.
  5. Rewards will be mailed out to the users.
  6. 1 lucky Platinum winner will be selected from the existing pool of all Platinum users.
  7. Tokenize Xchange reserves the right to change or modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
  8. Any decision made by Tokenize Xchange is final.

How to participate

Step 1: Upgrade your membership and wait for an Easter Surprise Goodie Bag from Tokenize.

Step 2: 1 lucky Platinum member will receive S$10,000 (or USD 7,000) worth of TKX.

What are you waiting for? Sign in to your account and upgrade your membership to get incredible Goodie Bags from Tokenize right away!

Crypto Earn Updated Yields from 4.5.2022

The Crypto Earn yields on Tokenize Xchange will be adjusted from 4th May, 2022:

  • Standalone TKX remains at 10%
  • Tokens (non-stablecoins) with 100 TKX staked from 8% to 6%
  • Tokens (non-stablecoins) without 100 TKX staked from 5% to 3%
  • Tokens (stablecoins) with 100 TKX staked remains at 12%
  • Tokens (stablecoins) without 100 TKX staked from 10% to 9%

Kindly note that our new Crypto Earn yield rates will be adjusted on 4th May, 2022, instead of the aforementioned 11th April, 2022. Please take note if you have deposits in Crypto Earn.

1.For Crypto Earn deposits from 4th May, 2021 to 4th May, 2022:

Your Crypto Earn deposits will not be affected by the change, and will continue to earn the current rates for up to 12 months from the date of staking. After one year, your deposits will automatically be withdrawn and returned to your wallet.

For example:
If a user deposited on 1st March 2022 with 8% APR, he/she would enjoy 8% APR till 1st March 2023. After 1st March 2023, an automatic withdrawal will be made and the assets will be returned to his/her wallet.

2.For Crypto Earn deposits before 4th May, 2021:

Your deposits will continue to earn yield up to 4th May, 2022. However, kindly note that from 4th May, 2022, your principal amount will be automatically withdrawn and returned to your wallet.

For example:
If a user deposited on 5th January, 2021, the yield would be paid till 4th May, 2022 and the principal amount would be automatically withdrawn to the user’s wallet. If he/she then deposits again on Crypto Earn, the new APR will be applied.

Please visit our Crypto Earn page to find out about the new yields and start your smart passive income now.

2.9% Rebate for Credit/Debit Card Deposit Extended

Our users sure enjoyed this marvelous offer. And to please our users even more, we are extending our 2.9% Rebates for Credit/Debit Card Deposits until April ends. Make sure you have upgraded your membership to Premium/Platinum to enjoy this exclusive promotion and many more opportunities in the future.

The Premium and Platinum users who use a credit/debit card to deposit on Tokenize Xchange from 1/4/22 00:00 to 1/5/22 00:00 will receive 2.9% TKX rebates into their wallets within the next hour (based on that hour TKX price).

Beginner Guide: Understand DCA Strategy in Crypto Trading

Buy low, sell high is a principle philosophy of all crypto investors, but have you ever heard of DCA (Dollar-Cost Averaging)? In this article, Tokenize Xchange will introduce you to a common investment strategy in cryptocurrency: Dollar-Cost Averaging strategy. Let’s take a look!

What is DCA strategy?


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