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The Newsletter by Tokenize Xchange (Vol.188| May 2022)

Special Notice from our Team

Dear all,

As you have noticed, Tokenize Xchange had suspended Luna withdrawal yesterday. Due to the fact that UST and Luna are going through a period of highly volatility, we urge you to understand all the possible risks involved.

Please exercise caution and the necessary risk management.Please feel free to reach out to the Tokenize Xchange team at if you have any further enquiries.

Webinar on 19th May: NFT Fundamentals

Join us for a short introduction to NFTs, understand what NFTs are, their use cases and learn more about the future of NFTs.

  • Time: 8PM SGT
  • Date: 19th May, 2022
  • Sign up: CLICK HERE

Free Pizza for Bitcoin Pizza Day 22.5.2022

Bitcoin Pizza Day is in celebration of the first transaction made using Bitcoin in which Laszlo Hanyecz paid for 2 Papa John’s pizzas using 10,000 Bitcoins.

In honour of Bitcoin Pizza Day, Tokenize Xchange, in collaboration with Little Caesars Pizza, wants to reward you with free pizzas!

From 21st — 22nd May 2022, flash your Account page on the Tokenize Xchange Mobile App in order to collect 01 free Single Serve Pizza (Cheese or Pepperoni) from Little Caesars Pizza.

Flash your Account page on the Tokenize Xchange Mobile App

General Rules

  1. This giveaway campaign is open to all Tokenize Xchange users in Singapore
  2. Promotion period runs from 21st to 22nd May 2022
  3. Limited to one free pizza per customer, based on a first-come-first-served basis
  4. While stocks last, limited to 180 pizzas per outlet

Available at all 6 Little Caesars Pizza Outlets: Funan, Junction 9, Holland Village, Singpost Centre, West Coast Plaza & Northshore. Refer HERE for all outlet locations.

Take a Pic!

After getting your pizzas, don’t forget to take a cool picture and post on your social media. You can post on a platform of your liking (a post or a story), tag Tokenize Xchange: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok and include the hashtags #freepizzaswithtokenize #bitcoinpizzaday #tokenizexchangeto spread the news!

May Day Trading Rush: S$10K Prize Pool

May Day (or Labour Day), celebrated on May 1st is one of the most important holidays that presents the symbol of worker unity in Singapore. On May Day 2022, Tokenize Xchange will support users a huge reward of up to 2,000 SGD from our May Day Trading Rush Program! Feel excited yet? Let’s find out!

Promotion Period

The promotion runs from 1st May 2022, 00:00 to 31st May 2022, 23:59.

Promotion Reward

1st Place (User who has traded the most volume from 1st — 31st May 2022) will get:

  • S$2,000 worth of TKX

2nd Place (User who has traded the 2nd most volume from 1st — 31st May 2022) will get:

  • S$1,000 worth of TKX

3rd Place (User who has traded the 3rd most volume from 1st — 31st May 2022) will get:

  • S$500 worth of TKX

Users who have traded over S$10,000 from 1st — 31st May 2022 will share a prize pool of:

  • S$6,500 worth of TKX

General Rules

  1. The giveaway campaign rewards are open to all Tokenize Xchange users.
  2. Only trades in USD and SGD pairings are eligible for the campaign.
  3. The trading ranking will be announced on Tokenize Xchange’s social media pages weekly.
  4. The final winners will be announced on 8 June 2022.
  5. Tokenize Xchange reserves the right to change or modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
  6. Any decision made by Tokenize Xchange is final.

How to Participate

Step 1: Trade using either SGD or USD pairings on Tokenize Xchange

Step 2: Get announced on your prize on June 8th

– The users with the top 3 highest trading volumes will win S$2,000, S$1,000, and S$500 worth of TKX respectively.

– Users who have traded more than S$10,000 will share S$6,500 worth of TKX.

Step 3: Get your prize!

Last but not least, don’t forget to check the trading ranking that will be posted every week on Tokenize social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram.

The more you trade, the more you earn!

5 Crazy Bitcoin Stories You May Not Know

In and of itself, Bitcoin is a remarkable phenomenon since it was invented 13 years ago. It demonstrated that a digital currency without the need for banks or governments is possible. Furthermore, the blockchain technology that underpins Bitcoin has the potential to alter a wide range of industries, from finance to entertainment.

Are you interested in learning more about the world’s first cryptocurrency? Here are a few crazy Bitcoin stories you may not know. Let’s find out with Tokenize!

5 crazy Bitcoin stories you may not know


TerraUSD Loses Peg, What Does This Mean?

While some volatile tokens have lost significant amounts of value in recent days, Bitcoin has lost over 23% ($9,000) in the last five days and Ethereum has lost over 20% ($600) at the time of writing, much of the industry is keeping an eye on TerraUSD (UST), a stable coin that varies by just 10%. But why? What makes its fluctuation matter? In this article, Tokenize will help you understand what happened to TerraUSD and its impact on the cryptocurrency market in general.

Terrausd loses peg, what does it mean?


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