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Tokenize — 25/4/18 LIVE Consensus Briefing!

We are grateful that many of our members are able to join us for the session! Thanks for taking time off to be with us!

The Tokenize Live Consensus Briefing was held on 25th April 2018 at Sakae Building. The Team was there to share about the current ICO & IEO space followed by our own Tokenize’s TKX ICO preparation & future plans!

Our Marketing Associate, Darren Koh presenting!

What happened?!

Agendas covered during the Briefing:
1. ICO vs IEO
2. Upcoming Tokenize TKX ICO
3. Future Plans
4. Networking

“There is no one size fits all model when talking about ICOs”


Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has been the most common way of raising funds for blockchain projects. Since the first ICO in 2013, there have been hundreds of ICOs. ICO revolves around a developer collecting contributions in ETH or other tokens, and issuing a newly minted token to the investors. In the past 2 years, ICOs manages to raise around $6 billion for 875 projects.

Over the years more types of sales emerged — Eg, Single Round Capped Sale, Uncapped Sale, Reverse Dutch Auction, etc.
As a result, it has completely disrupted the traditional VC model for fundraising.

* Lesser barriers to entry
* Global Reach
* Immediate liquidity

* Uncertainty of Valuation
* Uncertainty of Participation in the sale
* Poor Efficiency
* Pre-product funding hype
* Disconnected community

On the other hand, Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) relies on having an exchange function as the counter-party. Developers mint the project’s tokens and send them to the exchange, which will then sell the tokens to investors for Ether or other tokens specified.

From the perspective of an investor, instead of sending Ether to a Smart Contract governing the ICO, each IEO participant has to create an account with the exchange and send ETH to this account. When the IEO commences, the participant can purchase the token directly from the exchange.

Advantages of IEO over ICO

  1. Preventing a “Gas War” between sale participants.
  2. More secured and is safe from scams as tokens can only be purchased from the exchange.
  3. Function as a confidence boost as the exchange has to conduct its own due diligence on the developer’s project before agreeing to list.
  4. More awareness due to the fact of tapping on the existing user base of the exchange on top of the project’s own marketing.
  5. More convenient as it’s listed on the exchange during the IEO. As it’s normal for the token to be listed on the exchange after the token sales have been carried out, thus a step has been simplified.

So why wait? Join us Tokenize Xchange to have a secure investment in the future!

Upcoming TKX ICO — Tokenize Xchange LIVE Consensus

Our Tokenize Xchange’s TKX ICO !!!

Live consensus — Capped, 4 round incremental sale

  • Face to face. Personal. Intimate.
  • Foster forward thinking, trustworthy relationships.
  • Eliminate the threat of security issues like phishing, DDoS attacks, and inefficiencies in the network.

TKX Token Usage

  • Discounted trading fees — Traders uses TKX as a trading fee for discounts.
  • Listing fees — Fees for listing have to be paid in TKX.
  • Additional benefits — Holding more than a certain amount of TKX grants the holders certain privileges.
  • IEO — TKX is used as payment in IEOs.
Breakdown of the Token Sales

Don’t wait!

Participate in TKX ICO now!

  1. Sign up for Tokenize Xchange platform.
  2. Sign up on our ICO dashboard.
  3. Get verified for both Tokenize Xchange & ICO platform.
  4. Whitelist your ETH wallet on the ICO dashboard.
  5. Enter the desired amount of contribution in the transaction tab.
  6. Manually transfer your ETH to our ICO address stated in the transaction tab.
  7. Attend our Tokenize Live Consensus keynote event on 18/5/2018, Friday for the LIVE Token Swap.

PS: Capped at 10 ETH contribution per investor. 12 May 2018 is the closing date for our private sales. It will then be held in escrow until LIVE Consensus on 18 May 2018.

More information will be released soon for our LIVE Consensus Meetup! So stay tune!
We invite you to follow our media so you will never miss our stories again:


Future Plans

Roadmap for our Token Sales!
Upcoming pairings… stay tune!

Roadmap towards 2020:


Our Founder, Qi Yu sharing his views with the investors at the back!
Our Marketing Associate, Darren Koh engaging with investors’ queries!

Alone we can only do so little; Together we can do so much more! Join the community now! Join Tokenize!


  1. Contact any of our staffs in our Telegram chat if you have any problems pertaining to the participation of TKX ICO or any other queries.
  2. Remember to participate in out Bounty Campaign! Refer your friends to earn more TKX! Don’t miss out and stay tune for more!



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