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We are proud to annouce the launch of the desktop app for our Smart Contracting Platform. It can be downloaded right now by anyone and is supported on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

The desktop app, mobile authenticator app, and our JS SDK will be released in the coming weeks as free and open-source software under the MIT License. Our back end will remain proprietary, but is fully interoperable with other wallets/platforms.

A detail modal for a successful transfer of Bitcoin via Paymail

Our Philosophy

We invested heavily into creating the simplest application we could. This meant refactoring and distilling core financial, legal, business, and Bitcoin concepts into their most essential components, and developing cohesive relationships between the components, from the protocol all the way up to the user interface. Our goal was to eliminate all redundancy from the user experience.

The function of good software is to make the complex appear to be simple” — Grady Booch.

Digital Wallet

Our desktop app provides users with an easy way to utilize all the features and functionality of our platform, and is, at its core, a self-custodial and enterprise-grade digital wallet that is ready to serve individuals, businesses, enterprises, government agencies, and financial institutions for issuing, managing and holding digital assets including Bitcoin SV.

Instrument Transfers

Users can send, request, trade and issue tokenized instruments using our automated workflows that simplify all of the key steps required to propose and approve various types of transfers.

A trade offer being prepared for authorization.


Conceptually, all transactions, contracts, and associated commercial records are stored and managed within a workspace. Each user has an individual workspace, but can form as many organization workspaces as they like, and can invite up to 15 administrators to share control via a user’s Paymail handle.

Found in the user settings is a list of workspaces the user is an administrator for.

Multi-Party Administration

Each workspace has a customizable administration control system that applies to authorizing the important actions such as the following: transfers, executing contracts, amending contracts, sending trade offers (atomic swaps), requesting digital assets, and issuing instruments.

Each admin uses their own self-custodied keys stored on their mobile device.

The administration control arrangment screen found in the workspace settings.
A send proposal under review, awaiting approval or rejection by the other administrators.

Mobile Authenticator App

We have also launched our mobile authenticator app that serves as a complement to our desktop app, and is available on iOS and Android devices. You can think of it as a key management app, as well as a platform-specific multi-factor authenticator app. The main purpose of the mobile authenticator app is generating and managing private keys, and signing transactions on your mobile phone.

The mobile authenticator app allows users to back up their 24-word recovery phrase manually, or by storing a private decryption key (not the recovery phrase) on their personal iCloud and/or Google Drive. Users can also use all three back-up methods at once.

The decryption key that is backed up on the user’s cloud storage is used to decrypt an encrypted file that contains all of their private keys that are stored on Tokenized’s servers. Tokenized is unable to access any of the user’s private keys and this fact can be verified by inspecting the open source UI code (to be released soon) to inspect our security model.

Our kimono is open!

A few screens of the mobile authenticator app in action.

Smart Contract Engine

The smart contract engine allows issuers to draft, execute, and manage smart contracts that have tokenized instruments as a way of tracking the parties of the contract, and their respective rights, duties, and obligations.

We currently support event tickets, discount coupons, reward points, and digital currencies (CBDC). However, we will soon be releasing support for credit vouchers, carbon credits, ordinary and preferred shares, trust units, LP interest units, options, convertible notes, warrants, swaps, futures, forwards, insurance policies, patent licenses, property titles, bank guarantees, letters of credit, debt instruments of all types, and much more. If you have a specific use case you are interested in, please reach out to us here: get in touch form.

To draft a new smart contract, a user must first select what instrument type they want to create and issue. More instrument types will be released soon.
An event ticketing contract in the draft stage.

Try it out now

Try out the desktop and mobile app right now for free!

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