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10,000 LON Giveaway: Complete ONE Limit Order and Win 50 LON

Giving away 10,000 LON to 200 users, first come first served

Dear user,

You can finally place limit orders on Tokenlon via the Arbitrum network! Here’s why it is a big deal for you

Incur ZERO Trading + Gas Fees

High gas fees and transaction fees. These are a few issues many users face when making swaps on Layer 1. Users have to constantly monitor the gas fees before making a swap and risk experiencing slippage as well.

With the launch of Tokenlon limit order, we solve these issues for you.

Some key features to take note

  • For a limited period of time, you will not incur any gas fees or trade fees when placing and completing a limit order
  • Cancellation of limit orders will not incur any fees
  • Limit order trades are on the Arbitrum network

10,000 LON Giveaway

To celebrate this launch, we are giving away 10,000 LON to the first 200 users who executed a limit order (min $500)!

Each winner will receive 50 LON each, with winners selected on a first come first served basis

Campaign period: 2022/07/05 18:00 -2022/07/19 18:00 (SGT)

How to take part

  • Go to and connect your wallet (Switch to the Arbitrum network)
  • Execute a limit order trade on any listed token-> First 200 users to successfully trade at least $500 each will receive 50 LON each
  • Note: The trade must be successfully completed during the campaign period to be eligible. i.e. the limit order must be placed and filled within the campaign period. Limit orders placed after the campaign period will not be counted
  • Limit orders placed during the campaign period and only filled more than one week after the campaign period will not be eligible as well. Please set your order expiration time carefully

Place a limit order now

Tips to ensure your limit order gets filled

  • Place higher limit order trade amounts. For example, a $1,000 limit order will get filled faster than a $500 limit order, assuming the same target price
  • Set an expiration date of 7 days or less
  • Place multiple limit orders at different price points
  • Check out our limit order guide
  • Limit order FAQ

Terms & Conditions

  • Each user needs to make at least ONE trade via limit order to be eligible for the reward
  • Users who answered questions correctly via the learn & earn campaign and made a trade are eligible to receive both imToken NFT and LON
  • Users will only receive rewards respective to their participation. For example, if you only answered the quiz questions, you will only receive the imToken NFTs. If you only completed a limit order trade, you will receive LON only
  • Users need to trade at least $500 trade amount in ONE trade to be eligible
  • Only limit order trades successfully completed during the campaign period are counted. Swaps are not counted
  • All rewards will be distributed via Arbitrum within 7 working days after the campaign
  • Winner’s list will be announced on 2022/07/26 at Tokenlon Discord
  • Winners are selected in two batches- The first 100 eligible users in the first week and the first 100 eligible users in the second week

Have a question about this campaign? Reach out to us!






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