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Guess ETH price and win 1000 LON!

WEN Eth? — A WETH trading game

  • Hassle Free: Orders will be fulfilled at a preferred price without constant monitoring. Anyone can place limit orders at any time.
  • Sufficient liquidity: Integrated liquidity from Uniswap and Sushiswap. Liquidity from PMMs will also be integrated in the near future.



How to participate?

  • Make a prediction/guess on the price of WETH if it will go up or down
  • Simply make a WETH/USDC pair Limit Order trade with a minimum value of $50 USDC. Each trade in line with the price movement of WETH will receive 1 point daily. Repeat this however many times as necessary.
  • Top 3 wallet addresses that accumulate the highest points at the end of the campaign wins.

Game Mechanics


  1. UP DAY: All successful Limit Order trades swapping USDC for WETH receive 1 point. (Buying WETH with USDC)
  2. DOWN DAY: All successful Limit Order trades swapping WETH for USDC receive 1 point. (Buying USDC with WETH)
  3. Only trades above $50 USDC in value will be allocated points
  4. Top 5 leaderboard in points will be published everyday. At the end of the campaign, the top 3 wallet addresses with the most points win.
Example of an UP DAY
  1. There’s no minimum trade value required for lucky draw.


  1. Do I get points for multiple trades in the same day?
  • Click HERE to experience Tokenlon Limit Order



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