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How to get LON assigned via Tokenlon’s LON Trade Mining & Referral Program

Each Tokenlon trade will earn POWER proportionate to the trading fee paid. Future LON will be assigned according to your POWER share each week for 5 weeks.

Distribution — Trade Mining and Referral Program

Stage one assigns LON via two mechanisms: Trade mining and referral program on and in the imToken app. It lasts for five weeks and assigns 5,000,000 LON (accounting for 2.5% of the total LON amount).


Starting on 2020.9.26 00:00 AM (UTC), LON will be assigned to users trading on Tokenlon (on and in the imToken app) and paying a trading fee and to users who recommend friends who trade.

Mining POWER distribution

Each trader receives a POWER amount of the trading fee spent (in USD) times 0.6.

  • Every $1 trading fee will generate 0.6 POWER for the trader
  • Every $1 trading fee will generate 0.7 POWER for the trader
  • At the same time, the trade generates 0.3 POWER times the fee for B as well
  • A and B both generate POWER as seen above
  • Each participant — including A and B — receives a share of the 1,000,000 LON issued in this week according to their share of the POWER of this week

Referral codes

Everybody can generate and share a referral code on and in the imToken app. Holders of the TokenFans Token (TFT) can even receive the premium referral code.

Tokenlon’s future

Going forward, we are focusing on building out the community. Tokenlon, as an exchange, aims to provide a convenient, yet secure trading interface. Together, we will build out the infrastructure for the open financial services.

Important Risk Reminder⚠️

1. LON Token Contract has not yet been deployed.
2. LON does neither fundraising nor sell a token. Everyone can participate in mining to get LON assigned.
3. LON has no investment value and is a Tokenlon token. User holding LON enjoy a discount on trading fees.



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