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New phase of LON liquidity mining begins, sharing 1m LON and 25,000 SUSHI rewards!

Note: Miners of Phase 1 need to re-stake (i.e. go into the Dashboard and exit your LP tokens, then re-stake your LP tokens)

The first phase of LON liquidity mining ended at 0:00 am (UTC), we are glad to see nearly a total value of $20 million LON and ETH are locked in the pool and all participants shared 1,500,000 LON rewards.

The new round of LON liquidity mining will start at 04:00 am (UTC) 21st Jan. 2021 and it will last for 6 weeks ending at 04:00 am (UTC) 4th Mar. 2021. According to the result of TIP4, 1,000,000 LON will be distributed as the reward to those who provide liquidity in the LON/ETH and LON/USDT pool.

During the period, you can stake Uniswap’s LON/ETH and SushiSwap LON/USDT LP tokens on the Tokenlon dashboard to participate in the 2nd phase liquidity mining. The reward of LON can be claimed at any time. You could see the tutorial by clicking here.

Please note that different from the 1st phase, users who provide liquidity in SushiSwap’s LON/USDT not only can get LON rewards but also receive additional rewards provided by SushiSwap. The reward details of each pool see below:

After the second phase of liquidity mining is over, the subsequent mining rules will be announced on the official Tokenlon channel.

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