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SushiSwap now on Tokenlon

Tokenlon now aggregates SushiSwap liquidity 🍣 + 🐉 = ❤️

You might have noticed that Tokenlon is no ordinary decentralized exchange anymore. (Was it ever?) No, since the latest update in December, Tokenlon now aggregates liquidity from 3 sources: Professional market makers, Uniswap, Curve.

🍣 Today we introduce SushiSwap as the fourth liquidity source to the family.

To you, the user, this means more tokens and better liquidity!

With SushiSwap, we bring even more options to our users. And the best part: For every trade, Tokenlon finds the best price between all 4 liquidity sources.

More tokens and better liquidity

Looking at the data of the few weeks Uniswap has been integrated with Tokenlon, we can see that the AMM DEX already accounts for 5–15% of Tokenlon aggregated volume.

Thanks to the integrations with other AMMs, we were already able to add a few new tokens (1INCH, FARM, DPI, REN, and LRC ) and we are vetting more to be added as we go.

Special thanks to the SushiSwap team for supporting our LON/USDT liquidity mining incentive on SushiSwap. 500k LON along with 25k SUSHI is awarded to the liquidity providers of LON/USDT pool. More details here:

Try out the latest Tokenlon aggregator in the imToken app ( update will follow later).



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