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Tokenlon Bi-Weekly (2022.02.18–03.04)

Dear Tokenlon users,

The past two weeks have been very volatile for all markets, with great price fluctuations. We stand united against any form of war and wish that the war in Ukraine will end peacefully soon.

Our vision is to build a decentralized protocol that enables anyone full access and ownership to financial instruments remains. Read on to find out about our progress these past two weeks!

Product & Tech

Removal of the minimum trade amount

  • Very soon, you can trade with no minimum amount required! This feature will be launched at the next APP update

Listing of new tokens

  • We have listed new tokens on our exchange and will be announcing the list of tokens soon

L2 Limit order progress

  • The backend design for the limit order feature has been completed. Very soon you will be able to place limit orders on Tokenlon on layer 2

Optimisation of the “Market” tab

  • Design for the new UI has been completed

Twitter whale bot is launched

  • We have set up a whale alert for big transactions happening on Tokenlon! This will help inform you of what your next trade should be like on Tokenlon

Trade mining phase 9 has ended

  • Total rewards for phase 9 of trade mining is 1,375,941.72 LON, an increase of 24.48% from phase 8. Please claim your trade mining rewards here if you have not done son

Marketing & Community

Tokenlon $1M bounty program launch

Tokenlon SDK promotion

  • We are still in discussion with various partners to integrate Tokenlon’s volume and will announce any partnerships that have been secured

Opera Wallet airdrop campaign

  • We are working with Opera wallet on a marketing campaign to introduce Tokenlon to their users! Please stay tuned on this campaign

Ensuring accuracy of numbers on data platforms

  • We are working with Defillama, CoinGecko and TokenTerminal to ensure data for LON and Tokenlon is accurate

Tokenlon Statistics

With Ethereum gas fees being relatively lower, trading volume, number of trades and the number of trading users have increased from the past two weeks.

Launching layer 2 limit order in the first half of this year should help lower the fees further, helping Tokenlon increase trade volume.

LON Statistics

As mentioned previously, the first phase of team vesting for LON has ended. The team has decided to allocate the released tokens to the staking pool instead. With this, 66.5% of LON in circulation is staked. Please find the other data below.

Work for the next two weeks

  • Finish testing to remove the minimum trade amount
  • Work on building a proof of concept for the Limit Order feature
  • Push out the bounty tasks to other developer communities
  • Prepare for Tokenlon Layer 2 promotion work

If you run into any questions or have any suggestions on Tokenlon, you are welcome to join our Discord group and chat with us.

Important Risk Warning

Tokenlon Team,

Contact us


Digital Assets are highly volatile and unpredictable. Please do your research before trading.



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