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Tokenlon Launches $1,000,000 Bounty

Learn how you can build the best DEX with us

Tokenlon’s goal from day one has been to build an open protocol where users can swap tokens in a decentralized manner. This protocol is built together with the community, for the community.

To achieve this, we are happy to announce our $1,000,000 bounty program launch!

The bounty program will help us attract talented tech, marketing and product talents to realize the vision of building a world-class Decentralized Exchange

What Does The Bounty Entail?

The first batch of bounty tasks will be proposed by the Tokenlon team. These tasks will be related to ensuring Tokenlon’s data are correct across all platforms.

Moving forward, other tasks will include

  • Improvements to the Tokenlon protocol
  • Increasing LON utility
  • Setting up Tokenlon community in local markets and promoting Tokenlon

Source of funds for the bounty program

The funds will come from the LON treasury. Proposals from the team and community will be put up for voting as Tokenlon Improvement Proposals (TIPs)

Proposals that are voted in favour by the community will be executed.

I would like to take part in the bounty program, how do I get started?

  1. Collate Bounty Tasks
  • Based on feedback from the community, we will collate and publish bounty tasks at the beginning

2. Publish tasks on governance forum

  • Tasks will be published on the governance forum, with each task to be completed by one community member. If you have any suggestions for tasks, please post them on the governance forum. The Tokenlon team will assess it and if deemed suitable the task will be published

3. Claim bounty tasks

  • After tasks have been claimed, a project manager will keep track of the progress and ensure its completion. The project manager will be from the Tokenlon team

I have completed my tasks. What can I expect?

After the Tokenlon team has deemed the task to be completed, we will publish a TIP for the community to vote on reward distribution for the complete task

Requirements for all bounty tasks

  • Tech tasks to publish and update on GitHub for the team to keep track of your progress and provide any assistance
  • To share with the Tokenlon team any data related Tokenlon
  • Comply with MIT standards

We want positive vibes in the community and would like all participants to be respectful and professional during the entire process.

Any tasks that do not meet the standards set initially will be deemed incomplete. In this scenario, other community members have the right to claim the task.

The First Bounty Tasks Have Been Released

Please find the first bounty tasks here

We will continue publishing new tasks on the forum, so please stay tuned and feel free to suggest tasks by commenting on the forum

Let’s build Tokenlon into the best decentralized exchange together!



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