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Tokenlon limit order upgrade, experience higher success rate

We have launched the limit order feature on the Arbitrum network since July 2022. This was done with the intention of allowing you to take advantage of market volatility without constantly monitoring price changes. For a limited time, we are charging zero fees for users who place limit orders!

Your feedback from Twitter and Discord to improve our limit order is well-received. Based on this feedback, we have increased the transaction success rate. In other words, limit orders you placed that hit the market price have a higher chance of being executed

Some points to note for Tokenlon limit order

Furthermore, these are some UI improvements currently in the works

Lastly, you can place limit orders on Ethereum main net soon, please look forward to it!

As always, please reach out to us on Tokenlon Discord if you have any questions or feedback for us. More limit order campaigns will come your way soon

Tokenlon Team




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