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Tokenlon Weekly(2022.04.01–04.08)

We resume weekly updates

To give you the latest updates on Tokenlon, we will resume our weekly updates from today. Let’s take a look at some key Tokenlon statistics and updates from the team!

Tokenlon Statistics

Overall the Crypto market experienced a slight dip, with BTC and ETH falling below $42,000 and $3,200 respectively at a point in time.

Tokenlon’s volume this week has not changed much from last week, with a volume of $101,427,961.99. Cumulative transaction fee stands at $2,916,526.80.

According to our Tokenlon Whale tracker, many whales have made trades this week, with the biggest trade being 800 ETH without any slippage.

LON Statistics

6 buybacks were triggered, with 166,383 LON bought back in total this week. The staking pool increased by 300,000 LON and is currently at 47,966,479 LON, with an APY of 17.06%.

We will enter the 11th phase of trade mining next week and will share with you a recap of LON trade mining performance, as we have pass the 1 year anniversary of LON Tokenomics launch.

Marketing & PR

We will be launching a $10,000 mystery box campaign with Unstoppable Domains next week! If you have a NFT domain from our UD domain airdrop previously, simply connect your UD domain and make a trade on Tokenlon to take part!

10 Winners will be picked each day to win a mystery gift box each. Stay tuned for the campaign launch next week.


Based on the voting results of TIP29, the community has voted in favour of distributing rewards to user SLEEPYCAT, for completing the task of building a LON asset holder monitoring tool. We will be distributing the rewards to him shortly.

Check out the LON holder asset monitoring tool here if you have not already!

Important Risk Warning

Tokenlon Team,

Contact us

Digital Assets are highly volatile and unpredictable. Please do your research before trading.



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