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Tokenlon Weekly(2022.04.08–04.15)

Dear user,

Market sentiments have been bearish overall, with BTC and ETH dropping significantly, by 7.9% and 6.4% respectively. Overall, trading volume for DEXs dropped by 2%


We have been affected by the overall bearish sentiment as well, with trade volume and number of traders dropping by 17.08% and 17.67% respectively.


10 Buybacks were triggered last week, with 271,550 LON bought back in total. Staking pool continues to be relatively high, comprising of 65.2% of LON in circulation. APY for staking this week stands at 28.64%.

On another note, LON trade mining has entered phase 11! Please claim your phase 10 trade mining rewards here if you have not done so yet.

Product & Tech

We will remove the minimum trade amount requirement in the next imToken App update. After updating your App once it’s released in the app stores, you will no longer need to trade a minimum amount.

L2 Limit Order functionality on Arbitrum has been full built on the testnet. Next we will be arranging for security audits to ensure you can trade using Tokenlon limit order with a peace of mind

Marketing Campaigns

Due to an issue with the Unstoppable domains (UD) login on Tokenlon, we will be stopping the mystery box giveaway campaign for now. Participants for the Twitter giveaway campaign and mystery box campaign will be rewarded.

The campaign will be relaunched once the issue has been resolved. Please stay tuned!


We submitted TIP30 on behalf of the PairX team to compensate for their tokens locked out of the liquidity pool. Based on the voting results, Tokenlon will compensate PairX with 0.0338 SLP from the LON treasury.

On another note, the bounty task to create an Ethereum DEX price comparison tool has been claimed! The Tokenlon team is assessing the proposed solution now.

Important Risk Warning

Tokenlon team,

Contact us


Digital Assets are highly volatile and unpredictable. Please do your research before trading



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