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Tokenlon Weekly (2022.06.10–06.17)

This week’s liquidation cascade in the DeFi lending market, interest rate hikes, and deleveraging across the board have caused ETH fall 37.9% in the past week to as low as $1030.11. BTC dropped by 29.9% to as low as $20216.09, and continued to decline after a dead cat bounce. ETH was quoted at $1,111.34 and BTC was quoted at $21,095.04. A reminder that the cryptocurrency market is volatile and a high risk investment. Please remember to manage your risks.


The trading volume of Tokenlon this week exceeded 100 million USD, an increase of 49.50% from last week. The trading volume was $111,092,106.47, the number of weekly trading addresses was 1,489, and the number of transactions was 3,201, up 47.43% and 50.35% respectively. The current fee balance is $1,361,579.27.


The buyback of LON has exceeded 10 million in total! 10,183,122.86 LON to be exact. The current circulation is 74,303,225.71 LON, with 48,929,612.59 LON pledged, accounting for 65.8% of the total. AMM liquidity pool is at 6,976,382, accounting for 9.3% of the total, which accounted for more than 74.6%.

Product & Tech

Limit Order

Improved Limit Order risk management system

  • Added blacklist pending order verification to prevent system abuse
  • Disabled order placing for insufficient balance to reduce the possibility of an attack
  • Improved visualization of tokens list
  • Access to Sushiswap liquidity pool , to improve the liquidity of Limit Orders
  • Increased token price update frequency to ensure that when the market fluctuates greatly, users will still be provided with accurate market prices

Marketing & Community

Limit Order

  • Staging Test in progress
  • 2nd batch of Limit Order tokens completed, providing access to more tokens
  • Completed Limit Order tutorials
  • Limit Order is listed on Arbitrum Announcements
  • KOL marketing promotions, timeline, and budgeting etc
  • Limit Order internal closed beta in progress, with 11 beta testers. If you are interested in taking part, please contact us on Discord.

HOPR event

  • The HOPR joint campaign ended on 12:00 noon, June 14th, and the transaction rewards have been distributed. Users who participated in the various campaigns can check their wallets for the rewards.

veLON economic improvements

  • Internal review & adjustments pending

We will enter the final sprint of the Limit Orders function this week, as well as finalization of marketing works for said function.

Important Risk Warning



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Digital Assets are highly volatile and unpredictable. Please do your research before trading.



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