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Tokenlon Weekly (2022.10.28–11.04)

With Elon Musks’ influence, $DOGE and $MASK shot up a lot — 58.5% and 253.6% within the week. The big market cap coins instead didn’t move by much — BTC rose by 0.2% and ETH rose by 2.1% in 7 days. The total trading volume of DEX increased by 13% this week.


Tokenlon’s weekly trading volume is $88,089,421.49, the number of trading addresses is 1,180, and the number of transactions is 2,821.

This week, the Tokenlon transaction fee was at $149,723.00, net profit was $143,689.00, and the current transaction fee balance was $1,081,925.44. Tokenlon 5.0 cumulative transaction fee was at $44,524,132.93 , and the community treasury balance was at $2,009,333.67 (not deducting miner fees)


Total staked LON is at 55,534,735.1 LON. The total staked position is 64.88%, 265,266 LON were bought back this week, and the monthly APY is estimated to be 13.65%. Uniswap and Sushiswap AMM liquidity pools staked 6,651,505 LON, accounting for 7.77% of the total staked positions. The total staked LON volume accounted for more than 72.65% of the total.

Product & Tech

Wrap ETH tool

  • Final closing checks in progress. Expect to try out the convenient and new Wrap ETH tool next week!

Tokenlon Instant Swap Dapp UX

  • Product design adjustments in progress. High quality first design expected next week.

Flashbot mechanism deployed to prevent on-chain sandwich attack of large transactions

  • Been 2 weeks since the deployment on 20th October, and internal data proved that Tokenlon on-chain transactions are 100% protected from attacks

Limit Orders on ETH mainnet

  • Internally prepared product effects that might be caused by mainnet deployment, and currently further honing in on the details

Marketing & Community

Community AMA

  • Tokenlon, Dopex, and GMX held AMA on Layer2 & DeFi related topics on imToken Discord. You can find it here if you’ve missed it.

Fringe Finance AMA in preparation

Market collaborations

  • Media promotions in Vietnam and South America
  • Mainly focused on stablecoins & NFTs

ETH Vietnam conference

  • Preparations to participate in ETH VN conference

11.11 Trading campaign preparation

Market maker competitiveness compared

  • Internally completed and assessed the competitiveness data of each market maker

Important Risk Warning



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Digital Assets are highly volatile and unpredictable. Please do your research before trading.



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