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Tokenlon Weekly (2022.11.25–12.02)

The market this week is relatively sluggish. The 7-day change of BTC & ETH are +1.9% and 5.4% respectively. The trransaction volume of DEX as a whole was down 27% from last week.


Tokenlon’s transaction volume is $75,349,638.16 this week, the number of transaction addresses is 1,198, and the number of transactions is 2,776.

Transaction fees is at $119,532 this week, with a net profit of $116,529, and the current fee balance is $1,069,372.06. Tokenlon 5.0 protocol cumulative fees is at $45,093,542.99, and the balance of the community treasury is $798,380.24


The LON staking contract staked more than 55 million, which is currently at 55,469,174.48, accounting for 64.8% of the total staked position. Uniswap and Sushiswap staked $8.15m in the AMM liquidity pool, of which 6,850,022 LON are stakde, accounting 8.0% of the total staked LON. Total staked LON accounts for 72.80% of the total.

Product & Tech

Web (DApp) Instant Swap optimization phase 2

  • Initial design drafted, expected to complete reviews and enter R&D next week

Removal of minimum trade requirement from web Instant Swap

  • Users can opt to pay for the gas fees themselves for the trade, or leave it to Tokenlon tradebot with a toggleable option. Development has completed this week and entered final stages of testing. Expected launching next week.

Main process of NFT PoC completed. Single NFT buy/sell tested on muiltiple chains

On-chain split orders experiments are successful, designs to meet professional business requirements are ongoing.

Marketing & Community

Tokenlon November Surprise

  • The Tokenlon November Surprise where you can win iPhone and LON has ended on 30th Nov. Winners are being selected and will be announced next week

Reddit community plan

  • A Reddit community plan has been put in place to better connect with our international users and broaden our influence on a global scale

Vietnamese media PR

  • Tokenlon brand message preparations are in progress, as well as working with Coin68 media to prepare PR and media content

Strategic partnership with Blocksec

  • Two parties will carry out in-depth strategic cooperation on blockchain digital asset security and risk control to help Tokenlon conduct asset transactions more safely

TIP 33: LON deployment on Arbitrum

  • 46 LON and xLON holders voted for the deployment of LON on Arbitrum, arrangements for LON deployment and liquidity will start next week


We shared an article: “How to judge whether a project will issue coins”. We hope that’ll be helpful to you!

Important Risk Warning



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Digital Assets are highly volatile and unpredictable. Please do your research before trading.



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