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Tokenlon Weekly (2022.12.23–12.30)

A happy new year to everyone from Tokenlon! Market remains sluggish this week. ETH once fell below $1,200 in the middle of the week. The cryptocurrency market dropped to 19.869 billion USD per day, creating a new low since March 2, 2019, and the overall transaction volume of the DEX as a whole fell by 21%.


Tokenlon’s weekly transaction volume is $54,174,711.66, the number of transaction addresses is 967, and the number of transactions is 2,188;

This week, Tokenlon transaction fees totals to $61,117.00, net profit was $58,310.00, and the current fee balance is $1,094,020.26. The Tokenlon 5.0 protocol cumulative fee is at $45,464,465.79 , and the community treasury balance is at $845,535.14.


Total staked LON this week was 55,563,347.56, accounting for 64.43% of the total staked positions, and the monthly APY was 9.65%. 6,703,924 LON were staked in Uniswap and Sushiswap AMM pools, accounting for 7.77% of the total staked positions. Staked LON accounted for more than 72.2% of the total.

Tokenlon bought back 50,595 LON this week, and has bought back 13,754,567.08 LON in total.

Product & Tech

Limit Orders deployment on ETH mainnet

  • A new version of the contract has been deployed on the Goerli testnet, the transaction process was smooth, and external audit is in progress .
  • The team is optimizing Limit Order placement in order for a better experience upon mainnet deployment

Tokenlon web DApp Instant Swap optimization

  • Going through partial user problems internally, expected to be completed after New Years day

MoonPay via imToken

  • Passed dev environment and is currently being tested in staging

NFT platform POC

  • NFT platform collection section in development, about 75% progress as a whole

Marketing & Community

LON 2nd Anniversary Event

  • 2022 Tokenlon review and 2023 vision
  • 100 LON rewards will be issued to 150 users who participated in TIP voting this year
  • Complete tasks and receive OAT to participate in the Discord giveaway, and have a chance to win Tokenlon Fee-free trading passes


  • Winners announced, rewards to be distributed soon

2022 Q4 OKR

  • The Tokenlon team internally summarizes and reviews past quarter’s work, and sort out problems encountered

Trade mining Market Maker report

  • Communicate with various market makers on the past round of order matching to get LON rewards

Important Risk Warning

  • LON token contract address:
  • LON is Tokenlon’s native token, where holders will enjoy fee discounts and voting rights
  • Beware of fake Tokenlon imitations, the official website is:
  • Please do not download any app or DApp from non-official Telegram, Whatsapp, Facebook, or Wechat



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Digital Assets are highly volatile and unpredictable. Please do your research before trading.



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